Saturday, February 04, 2012

You really got a hold on me!

Been dreaming all day yesterday and this morning about this:
Pottery Barn Mirrored Bedside Table

West Elm: Low cutout headboard
West Elm: Diamond Tufted Headboard
Ok, the original inspiration from the dream is hotter, hardware makes all the difference. My sister, the best negotiator evah!, told me to ask for 20% off. If they agree, then it might come home with me. Rubs hands with glee. But then, I will need to change my headboard asap from this to this:

Need to get a move on. Didn't realize Home Depot opened at 6am. Woulda been there since. I've been up since 6am. My natural alarm clock doesn't realize am off on Saturday!

 Lots of projects to do today.

  1. Finish hanging up my curtains. 
  2. Stretch my canvas and hang it. 
  3. Fill my Hausa ottomans/poufs.
  4. My little art project
  5. Tidy up
  6. Plan a menu and implement it. 
Not so bad in list format. Off we go. 


Unknown said...

I soo want that bed!! Hotness. are you going to make it?

Oluyemisi Olotu said...

No. But maybe I should make it, I'll check the cost of it out.