Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ojo Monday

As I opened  blogger to write a post, the song ojo Monday jumped to my head. I mourned my unbacked up and crashed ibook immediately. I have so much music that I've lost. I haven't heard that song since 200something. I didn't even remember who did it which is a damn shame cos am a Fela stan. Anyway, rushed to Youtube to find it. They didn't have it, but there is a band called Ogun Afrobeat that did a pretty decent cover considering they don't even speak the language.

Turned out it's called by its English name: Monday morning in Lagos:

Anyway, all that to say it's Ojo Wednesday and I hope I survive. I worked out yesterday with my trainer. My arms are looking nice per him and me. Am still a bit weak though as in, I don't have much stamina for certain exercises. Anyway, time is already fast spent. I have to go for my jog and yet again I didn't edit my playlist. Why do i procrastinate so!

PS. Turns out that I do have that song, must have backed up at one point.

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