Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I am running for this week...

Target: Petra Sandal
Sometimes a girl needs motivation. Why not shoes?
My goal is 20 miles.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Today, I decided to hide out in my bed and do nothing. No church, no rushing here, no grocery shopping, no popping into Target, just lying in bed, browsing the internet for design inspiration and reading my novel that I bought for 50 cents at Big Lots. Yes. Fiddy cents. Not happy for the author but happy for me!

But before I go back to my book, I will leave you with pictures of my now complete dining area and living room.

My goodness. It took forever for me to get these pictures, and I am still not satisfied. They look a bit muddy. But here they are.

Living Room
Do you see that the bowl from the foyer post is now empty? I don't know what it is, but every time I take a picture of a plant, they die. The gerbera just rotted on me. I wasn't over watering, I promise. I only watered when the soil was begging for water. I tire o.

I got this bookshelf from West Elm in Miami. The apartment I had moved into gave me a $1000 giftcard as a bonus for renting. Knowing what I know now, I would have used that card a bit more wisely.

The photo to the right is of my mom holding me, the center photo is of my mom holding my nephew. My father took both pictures. The second one is one he took to test out his new digital camera way back in 2004, he printed it out on his laser printer on plain paper. I rescued it and have been carrying it all over the country, from Worcester, to Miami and now here. The third picture is actually a Christmas card, I bought them while in medical school from Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I can't recall. I was planning to give them out but didn't until this year when I sent out three. Lol. I procrastinate! Vase thrifted of course. The orange from the
shelf and the blue is something I tried to replicate throughout the apartment. 

Framed Ankara
I had too many frames. So I cut a piece of cloth and framed it. 

The chair was from Kirkland in Aventura, it was actually bought for my desk. I spent many hours in that chair studying for my boards.  I had always passed by the Kirkland's but had been too scared to go in because I thought it was a high end furniture store. LOL. Yes. I thought so. Anyway, one day, I was walking by and saw the chair on the sidewalk on clearance, after calculating I realized it would be $35. I had been looking for a chair for my desk and the price was so right. I walked in and the cashier hooked me up. She was so sweet and told me of the promotion they were running and gave me discount upon discount. I also got three framed bible verse prints. You will see them later. 


Please plant don't die on me!! I found the mirrored tray at Goodwill, it's originally from Target and am sure it was overpriced at $5.99 but I loved it and brought it home and spray painted it white. I have shown the plant holder before, I bought it from Savers when I first moved down here. The vase in the middle holding the remotes, I bought from Goodwill for 1.99. I had planned to use it in the guest room but it was too small. The woven container is from Nigeria. It actually has a name which I am blanking on at the moment. It is designed to hold jewelry. I use it to hold the earrings I pull off when I'm sitting on the couch. My mom brought me several in various sizes. Again, I had seen them in the market, and thought them too small. Then I saw something similar in West Elm. Much bigger of course, and hundred times more expensive and I screamed. I should have taken a close up huh? Yes, that book was 50cents too.

Dining Area

All the frames were thrifted. They were of varying colors and I spray painted them black. The furniture is from Target. This was certainly a case of delayed gratification. I didn't want to spend too much on them because well.. Anyway, I had to wait until I had the money, then I had to wait for them to go on sale. There is a cycle to their sale. I know cos I watched for 4 months. Then, when it finally went on sale, the chairs were not free shipping. I ran to Target to get the debit card so I could get free shipping but alas I couldn't buy online with the temporary card so I had to wait another month for the chairs to go on sale again to the price I wanted to pay. Yeah, I've become a bargain hunter. I'm telling you, the damage I could have done with $1000 at west elm, knowing what  I know now. But I digress.

The rug I bought in Miami as well. There is this "antique" shop in the area where my first apartment was. As usual, I was terrified to go in. I equate antique with crazy mad expensive. But it was mad cool. I spent many hours in there talking to the salesman. He even gave me a figurine (which I later donated, couldn't stand the smell). We bargained and chatted and whatnot. I even got offered a job. The owner of the store, also owned a pediatric clinic right below it. I was just a first year at the time, plus umm I didn't really trust that clinic. 

Be that as it may. I still think I overpaid for what I got. This rug is not an antique. I think it was even made in Georgia recently. LOL. But the experience was worth it now that I think back on it. I think he was going to charge me $100 but by the time I bought two other items he may have reduced it a bit more. 

Wait, let me a shed a tear. I miss Miami. 

Another thrifted find, on Easter Sunday no less. My original plan was to put a plant in water but it died. I'm telling you, I am a brown thumb out here. One time, I pinched, just like I pinched the plant that died, a leaf from some foliage. I had that leaf in water for almost 2 years, it grew very slowly but it didn't die! I had to leave it behind when I moved down here. Maybe the water is killing the plants. Maybe I need to use bottled water. I am really perplexed here.

Anyway, I settled for pine cones that I found during my morning runs. The tea light holders are from ikea from way back who knows. 

I had to showcase this. I have a thing for posters. I saw this poster in 1999 and I took it, and I have had it ever since. I love Haile Gerima. He also did Sankofa. I need to own that. I should get on it. 

And there you have it. 

I bought the sectional in Miami as well. Am not too fond of it anymore, but I am not buying anything until I own a house. The TV stand is from K-Mart. Yes K-Mart. I bought it in Miami too. It fit perfectly with my decor at the time and it was $40. Yes, pricey for me now, but a bargain then considering the options I had then. 

Any questions, please feel free to ask. I really need to figure out this camera soon because I have more pictures to take.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

At last

I finished the dresser.
Remember this:
Goodwill dresser, $29.00
Well, after many suns, I finally finished it.
Way after!
I will do a proper post soon with maybe better pictures, my camera has been acting up lately. Plus, I still have to style the top. Sigh. No ideas yet on that. Also, I see that my drawers are uneven, they were even when I bought them so back to the drawing board on that.

Cost breakdown: 
Dresser $29 marked down from $59 -Goodwill
Uhaul: $29 (worst mistake ever! never again! more on that later)
Pulls: EBay: 29.55 (yes, the pulls cost more than the dresser, lol. Crazy huh?)
Paint + Primer (which I used on the bed, nightstand and a chair, and still have 1/2 left) about $20. 

I will give this dresser this, it's made of solid wood. I put together my dining room table from Target and I love target but men the difference between particleboard and wood was clear like 7-up. 

That was fun. And I am done for now. I did see this really cute couch at Goodwill the other day for a mere $99...

Just kidding! 
Really, i am. I need to put all this creative energy into words on paper or screen or something. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Why I've been MIA

Chaos!! My painting studio.


After some paint, and a curtain.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Slowly but surely...

I didn't mean to be gone for soooo long. Wow, 12 days since my last post? How did that happen?
I have been busy working on my guest room. It is almost there, just a few last touches and I will post the final reveal, namely, I need to find a curtain rod, a rug, and a lamp shade and then I can finally mark the project complete. Over budget, but complete at last.

In fact, my apartment is slowly but surely coming together. My plan was to be done by the end of July but if I am diligent, and would stop eating crackers and reading novels, I might be able to push that up to the end of this month.

I finally completed my foyer this afternoon when I finally committed to some faux foliage. Don't laugh. I kept envisoning apple blossom or some kind of blossom branches in my vase but I could never find the right price.  Hobby Lobby was having a sale this week and the price was so right. Anyway, enough of my rambling.

The foyer.

The breakdown: 

Gallery wall.

I've actually had these frames and photos since 2005 or so, they have been travelling with me, from Worcester, to Miami and now the ELP. The little boy in the photo is mad grown now, but I digress. Many years ago, I scanned in some photos, enlarged them, and then printed them on my ink jet printer. I bought the frames from Micheal's I believe. They were a reddish wood. I updated them by spray painting the mats with black lacquer spray paint (left over from my frame refurbishments) and spray painting the frames themselves gold. I chose gold to go with the gold mirror. 

I was fortunate to stumble upon this mirror in Goodwill one day. I had initially planned to convert a faux bamboo frame I had bought into a mirror but I couldn't find a mirror to fit the frame. Then I came up with mad idea to buy mirrors from the dollar store and stick them in the frame. That wasn't going well either, the mirrors were much smaller than the frame and the dimensions did not match. Anyway, God took pity on my foolishness and I found this mirror for $5.99, of course I snatched it up without a second thought. I paid $4.99 for the foliage. 

Hall table

My foyer table. My whole thrifting addiction adventures  started because I was searching for a foyer table. I eventually gave up and bought one from eBay for about $54. I actually have two of them. The first one I bought was damaged and the seller was kind enough to send me another one without any hassle. 


I bought this tray in Miami from a thrift store called Red White and Blue. In fact, the thrift store was located in what I called a thrift store mall, there were about 3 different thrift stores there, but RWB was my favorite of them all. Anyways, I bought it for my dining room table back in 2008 after I saw something similar in Melanie and Derwin's apartment on an episode of The Game. Hehe. Yes, I get my inspiration from everywhere. I can't remember how much it cost but it must not have been too much cos I bought it. LOL. It's actually gold plated. 

My Lions!

My lions are from Tejuosho Market in Nigeria. I saw them in January but passed them up because the price I had been quoted was too much (about N2500-3000 can't recall= $15) for me since I wasn't in the market for carved animals. But then I kept envisioning them on my foyer table, and generally couldn't get them out of my head. So I made my mother buy them for me when she went to Nigeria a few months later. She didn't ask for any money so they must have gotten a much better price than I did. I looked too American I guess. LOL. 

I also envisioned a small pot of healthy looking alive foliage on the table. But alas, my green thumb has become brown here. Sigh. Anyway, the bowl was another Goodwill find from my favorite Goodwill store out here (everything 50% off except furniture). The bowl had been used as a candleholder, was a pepto bismol pink and full of wax but I loved the shape. I bought it home, soaked it in hot water which took out all the wax and spray painted it gold and put a plant in there, which began to wilt, alas after a month. I haven't bought one to replace it yet. The plant in there is a gerbera daisy plant that died on me or so i thought. My vision for the space is a full, lush plant, but am so afraid to buy another plant. Oh yeah, the bowl cost about a $1 or was it $0.50. Can't recall. Dang, I was so excited to spray paint the thing, I never bothered to get a before photo. 

Gosh, these pictures are mad blurry and my camera won't let me adjust anything. I will try these photos again when the light is better. Good night. 

Monday, June 04, 2012

As History Repeats Itself

Some Plans:Thwarted

A marriage: never even celebrated
Some children : left with no one to train them
Some husbands : now embraceless
Some wives : left with no one to cherish them

My Lord, how could this be?
What happened?
What could have went wrong?

Some odabos : never turned to e ka abo
Some fights : no chance to be resolved
Long hoped for accomplishment : never to be enjoyed

I cannot imagine how it must have been
did they cry? did they scream?
call out their God's name?

A planned rest : now permanent
Please pray it's peaceful
So many plans : O Lord!

We need Your comfort
Please heal us and dry our tears
Replace all we lost with You

112 beginnings : brought to too quick an end
aobeo 10/29/05

I wrote that in 2005 for the Bellview air crash victims. Then we had another one, and now the doomed Dana Air flight on Sunday, the worst yet.  When shall we demand accountability from all the airline owners? When shall a human life be valued in Nigeria, and not sacrificed for a bribe there, a wink here as established regulations are willfully ignored?