Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I really need to make up my mind about the focus of this blog.

Anyway, just completed my sister's baby shower on Sunday.

The theme was POP, and thanks to the innanets, I found a lot of inspiration and ideas.

I was worried about being able to get things done, especially since lately I've been feeling this strange inertia, but glory to God, and thank God for my sister the taskmaster, we did it. All the way up until the final minutes before but we did it.

I am awaiting the pictures to hit facebook so I can post them here.

I made cake pops and popcorn. I wasn't stressed about making the popcorn, thanks to my whirlypop contraption. I made four varieties, pink which needed a lot more pink, chocolate, plain and kettlecorn. The kettlecorn was a total snap. I added all the ingredients, salt, sugar, oil and of course the kernels and just cranked that handle like my life depended on it.  Yummy!

The cake pops on the other hand! I totally underestimated the amount of chocolate I would need to cover the pops or maybe I should have used a very deep and narrow bowl, nonetheless, I was appalled at the way they were looking and only put out a few of them. Ironically, everybody loved them.

I was telling my sister about social capital. I am very grateful to family friends who donated the table clothes, DJed, and took photos. I thought that was very very very cool. Sometimes, you don't need a lot of money to do something, just a lot of loving, generous friends with talent and means.

Anyway, it's over. The pots have been washed, the presents unwrapped, the baby room conceptualized. My work here is done. I'm headed back to the ELP.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Message Got.

I wrote this piece almost 12 years ago now after a bad breakup. I thought it was the worst breakup of my life, little did I know what was coming down the line... ahh youth.

can you imagine/i can't
i can't even begin to put it together
or comprehend how i managed to walk around
with eyes closed.
my clothes were not on me
and the people were laughing
but i could not see and was unable to hear
they were pointing at me
but i dismissed their words as mere manifestations
of envy because what we had was true
was amazing, was the best s..t i ever had
i was only right about one thing.

can you imagine/ i can't
i can't even begin to understand this
even though i am turning it inside out and outside in
it is still so unclear to me
the more i stare through this glass
the dimmer it all becomes
the earth i took for granted
is crumbling beneath my feet
i am afraid to face the world
with this distorted perception
when i look at you, did i truly see you
or was it just an image i created overlaid
over you or was it just me seeing half and not the whole
how many other friends are hiding their true intentions
behind my good sight?

i long to call upon my grandfather's god
ogun the hunter's guide
to have you surrounded, put you in his sight line
21 guns all aimed at you or maybe
you locked down chained down tight
somewhere anywhere

i quick pray to the goodness within me
2 wash these thoughts away
because i will not let you change what i am
it's evident you were in my life for a season
i just can't remember what prayer you were in answer to
so i could not let go until
i was disrespected and thrown out the exit
i get the message now
i get the message now