Friday, February 24, 2012

And the point is...

Whoa, life got busy there.

Crazy week. Good for business but not good for my me time. Sometimes I wish I could breathe think dream medicine, then I wouldn't resent it for taking all my time from me. It always seems to come first, takes over, and pushes everyone and everything else out. Sigh.

But all things must come to an end, and just like that *snaps fingers*, its Friday already and here I am waiting for my flight to Vegas. Wish I were going for pleasure, I have a work conference to attend. Nevertheless, am excited a bit. I have never ever ever been in Vegas, flown over Vegas, driven through Vegas or even looked at Vegas. I was supposed to go with a co-worker but due to drama and shenanigans, am going by myself. I am kind of happy about that, cos I was kind of dreading going with this person. But, at the same time, this means I really have to get out of my shy mode and make an effort to visit a place or two on Sunday. I was thinking of maybe thrifting but am not sure.

Speaking of which, I took a risk and visited a thrift store on the way to the airport. I saw a pretty decent looking wingchair for $30. Needs some reupholstering though to fit into my space. I didn't grab it cos I was on the way to the airport plus I had to see a man about a horse so could barely stand still. I just googled reupholstering costs and it seems like it might be super super expensive so forget it.

Still on the hunt for a console for my "foyer." I think I might go the Target route instead of the Goodwill route. I found some decent looking stuff for under $100 while browsing this morning. And then I took a detour from my simple wood style type console to dreaming about glass or lucite consoles. Like this one: Respite Console
or this one
Bombay Console Table
or this one...
Mecca Console Table

But the price for all of these are out of my budget. So it's all just wishful thinking for now...

Am hungry but am afraid that if I get up from my seat, I will lose it. Besides, I doubt I will find anything healthy to eat here. At last, my flight has been called. 

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