Friday, February 10, 2012

Dressed down

I got a thorough dressing down from my trainer last night. He weighed me and let's just say even I was apalled and ashamed. I confessed about my late night predilection for gari and sugar. I didn't tell him about the chicken marsala that I carried home from work and had for breakfast and snack yesterday. Anyway, after our training session which was fun, I went home and threw that chicken crap right in the trash where it belonged. I need to be serious about this. I am giving money I aint got to this. Ooowee. I don't know what it is about late night eating and me. I am very good during the day, except for yesterday. I usually eat a healthy breakfast. I alternate between a homemade "parfait" kashi go lean cereal with greek yogurt, smoothie with a scoop of protein powder or huevos rancheros (basically black beans, salsa and two eggs over easy. I throw it in the microwave and cook for two minutes). Lunch is pretty good too. This week am alternating between a cabbage stir fry over black beans and my curry cauliflower casserole.  But then at night! I just don't know what it is about the night! The funny thing is, I start off with my salad and I am pretty full afterwards but then I start craving. I mean, am not hungry but I want to eat something anything. Insane. And yes am taking vitamins. (expensive pee)

Anyway, I decided am going to earn my keep around this here parts. I made a vow with myself. No more late night snacking and NO MORE GARI with SUGAR. If I can keep that up for 7 days straight, am going to treat myself to something at Sephora/Ulta. If I can be consistent for 30 days then am going to buy my flatware from CB2 that I have been eyeing for about 2 years now. It's on baby.

I really want to break out of 180 pounds by the end of this month and I need to take this seriously.

Wish me luck!

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