Thursday, February 02, 2012

Satisfy yourself

I keep waking up with random snippets of song in my head. That song is from a reggae mixcd I've been listening to lately so I really have no clue who the singer is.

Moving on.

Yesterday was a great day. I did my couch to 5K training. I am on Week 6 day 2 or three I think and the running time has increased to 10 minutes at a go. Now I don't run too fast. In fact, as the length of running time has increased, I have decreased my speed and right now am comfortable at a pace of 12:45 sometimes 12:30. The first ten minutes were alright. But the last ten minutes? OMG, I really wanted to stop. I had all kinds of justification too, I was going to be late for work. I can complete the work out this evening (total lie, I can't workout in the evening alone for some reason), I will this, I will that. It was hard, but I managed to ignore all those voices. I did give in a tad and reduced the speed for about a minute, but then I continued on. I felt so awesome when I completed it. I was on a high all day long!

I had a bounce to my steps and a song in my heart. Especially when I put on my Express size 10 pants which had been indecently tight as in showing my booty tight, plus part of a camel's foot which had no right to be on my body cos I aint a camel tight, and it fit pretty well with a bit of looseness in the waist. I felt so good! I got to work and weighed myself and I was over the moon. 184.8 fully clothed! Yes. My trainer has told me to stop being so cheap and to get a scale. I might have to go check out Big Lots this weekend.

Anyway, my good mood continued all day. I felt so powerful. Runner's high is no joke!! I felt clear minded, ok not completely. I had to ask my boss questions twice and the second time i was a bit incoherent, cos I didn't want to sound dumb and I ended up sounding just that. Lol. I felt efficient. I felt GREAT. Can't wait to run again tomorrow. I even left work on time despite a last minute addition to the schedule. There was some unpleasant incident with one of my coworkers on the way out but I am going to leave matters to matthias. Maybe I will talk about it or not. But it didn't ruin my mood completely.

It felt good to leave the office and the sky wasn't completely dark yet. El Paso doesn't seem to believe in street lights yet especially on the stretch of freeway that i take home. So I really hate going home at night. It had really added to my depression over the past few weeks but now with runner's high, all that is abolished!

I went shopping at Ross and guess what I found. My curtain rods, the one that had been taken away from me so rudely on Sunday! At first I wasn't going to buy it cos I had my reservations and all. I saw these other ones that were nice but not as glamorous and the diamater was less than the ones I wanted. Anyway, I bought them. Then I kept going. To Marshall's where I found this
Wow, it's pretty similar down to the legs. The pulls were the only different thing. Anyway, it was pretty beatup, missing pulls, a crooked leg. I asked the manager how much they would charge for that and she said it would be 10% off the list price. That put a screeching halt to my vision of it in my entry way with a huge arrangement of faux florals (too dark for live plants) etc. But now am going to be haunted by that table! I want it!! for $50 lol. Am just too damn cheap. OMG, it cost twice as much as what Marshall's was selling it. Damn debt!

Crate and Barrel
I pretty much visited every home store on the strip including target. I want to do my guest bathroom in purple and green, inspired by this soap pump from crate and barrel.

 I was looking for a green shower curtain. I almost pulled the trigger on one but the graphic was too somehow. I like big bold graphics. My favorite shower curtain before I ruined it by washing it is a black and white flower photo from target. I wanted something similar, not a flower but a big bold graphic. I was thinking of green hand towels, plum rugs and then a piece of art like this one on the wall of this bathroom that I saw on's website.

I wonder if I can make that myself. I am going to try this weekend and see. This is LONG. Wow. Didn't know I had so much to say.

Off to work. Half day. Yippee!

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