Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The End of Part 1

I haven't abandoned this blog. Just haven't had anything to say. However, my addiction to naija blog nation continues unchecked and unabated. Especially now that I have copious amounts of time on my hands.
What's new with me? Well, I've scaled every hurdle set before me. Steps 2 CK & CS, the residency application process & match day, and uncontrollable senioritis. I am off to Miami in June to start Part 2--- Residency.

Miami? Yeah, Miami. I was just as shocked too when I opened that envelope on Match Day. But I've gotten used to the idea of Miami. My only vex is that I can't afford to live on the beach just yet & that was the primary seduction. Unless I give up my dream of driving a fly luxury convertible... Nah!! I can't! I love my 96 toyota corolla to pieces but it's time for an upgrade. I deserve a brand new fly car.

My dream cars are:

The Lotus. I saw this in the parking lot at school one day and fell in love, all thoughts of my SLK flew out of my head immediately.

The SLK. Actually, always wanted the CLK but then my sister got it so I had to move up a class. Can't let my younger sister steal my shine abi.

However, when I looked at my stipend and the cost of living in Miami, I had to quickly find my level and let those two cars go... for now.

So my lesser priced options are:

Lexus IS250. Not a convertible or a coupe but oh so pretty.

Infinity G37. Saw it in a photo and decided to check it out.

And back to my old reliable Toyota. The toyota solara. I think it's so big looking though. Not as small & compact as I'd like but the price is very right.