Monday, March 19, 2007

Week 5

Amazing how time just flies!

I am beginning week 5 of my ob-gyn rotation and not a moment too soon. I am so through with where I am posted. My greatest worry now is who is going to evaluate me? I do not feel like I impressed anyone at all with my skills. Some of it is my fault i guess. Maybe I should have done more surgeries or something. Some of it is the way the practice over there is set up. Most of the docs want you to follow them around like a faithful lap dog. A few actually let you talk to the patient by yourself and do some portion of the exam. I give props to all the women who let me do their pelvic exam. (minus one lady. She was rather odd. She had the flattest expression I had ever seen. I wanted to ask her if everything was okay at home, at work, with her cos she was depressing me. She allowed me to do the exam but I noticed that after I messed up, homegirl cheered up, a lot! Maybe i'm just too sensitive but she is suspect. )

So let's see what were my goals of this rotation.
1. work out every day. (nope)
2. eat right every day. (nope)
3. lose some weight. (obviously nope)
4. blog every day. (no comment)
5. study every day. (i did! i did! so proud of me!)
6. be aggressive. (still do not understand the meaning of this word)

So what has ob-gyn been like? Lots of pre-natal visits. Some gyn visits. Lots of surgeries which I avoided but I swear this week, I will go to more. I just really really really detest the scrub nurses, or techs or whatever they call themselves. They are so rude! I do not know why. And this is a common phenomenom. My friend told me about her experience at the hand of the or nurses during her rotation in worcester. I was in a surgery the other day and first of all, I was sick, in fact been sick the whole of last week and I just managed to be in that surgery when I all I really wanted to do was lie in my bed and sleep it off. Anyway, at the end of the surgery, i went into a coughing fit. I was so embarassed, I wanted to enter the floor. I tried to control it by not coughing but that's when tears started streaming out of my eyes. After a while, I started to panic. I felt as if i could not breath. And I think that it was probably the mask that i was wearing that irritated my already irritated airways, sha. I stepped away from the sterile field and i am coughing my brains out. you know what this witch says, keep your hands up. hello lady, i am dying here! i ended up walking out of the surgery. she was all too glad to help me leave.

i feel sorry for myself o. if i can't stand these little smalltown scub nurses, how am i going to handle the ones at home base for three months? God, give me a thick skin. But, all i know is if anyone messes with me this week, I will show them the rough side of my tongue. They should better watch themselves.

ok. i am breathing.

anyway, i've gotta go study. i'm already 1.5 hrs behind schedule.

and cherub formerly known as jewels and kisses. i really would like to tell you about the experience but umm i'm worried about hippaa and my future residencies doing a search on me. lol. i watched good morning america the other day, they were discussing blogs, myspace and the impact on the job hunt. but if you have any specific questions, just post them and i will do my best to answer them. before the year 2009.