Thursday, February 16, 2012

never mind i'll find, someone like you

I fell asleep on the couch last night, sitting up with my laptop close beside me. I was trying to bang out my 1000 words for the day. But I had wasted so much time surfing aimlessly and i couldn't get into the space. Still I kept going because I was determined not to give up so soon. As it turns out, useless web surfing is one of the things that is on my DO NOT list. What is aimless surfing? It is when you just sit on the computer and aimlessly go from random site to random site, reading things you have no business reading and wasting precious time. And my time is particularly precious cos i don't get home till after 7 sometimes and my goal is to be in bed at 11pm so i can wake up at 6 and do it all again.

Today is a half day yay. three more work days left, i consider thursday to be my hump day.
i need to get my act together today and get my car registered and all that. i am getting paranoid now everytime a police car or even a mustang (cos for some odd reason, mustangs are the police car of choice out here) is behind me, i panic wondering if this is it, if an going to be pulled over for violation of  some sort. I can't live like that, willl get my act together today! I also have to complain to the management. it is pure cold air coming through my window as we speak. they put up these apts so fast, the least they could have done is use double glazed glass. i have decided, am not renewing my lease. but i hate moving so who knows if I will stay.

In more yay worthy news, I finally made it to under 180, which was my goal for the end of this month. My reward was to go on a mini shopping spree but I have decided to wait until 170 for that. If I work out aggressively and eat very well, I think I can hit that in 4 weeks. I need to step up my running to 5 days a week starting next week. I think that my couch to 5K program is coming to an end very soon, in fact I think I have just 4 more left to go. I was thinking that after that I will start working on improving my speed. I am presently able to comfortably run at a 12:30 pace, maybe 12:15 or whatever is in between 12:00 pace. As always, I find that when I am well hydrated it is easier for me to run longer. Must put a cup of water by my bed tonight.

I wonder what I should get as a treat for coming in under 180 finally.

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