Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Every day I'm shuffling...

I felt very good this morning. For the first time in a long time, I resisted the late night snack monster and the late night procrastinator monster, and all the monsters that prevent me from doing the things that I should be doing.

I publicly gave up gari and sugar right here on this blog as of last Friday. I even drew a crude incentive chart and put it on my fridge. I check it off every morning if I manage to stay gari free the night before. Of course, being the cheater that I am, I originally replaced the gari, sugar habit with popcorn and honey roasted peanuts. Yes, I did. But last night was the first time I didn't eat anything extra aside from my dinner. Like my mommy always said whenever i was still hungry after a meal, drink water. So i drank water and took myself to bed.

I think I am begining to feel good about my present weight. I feel lighter in my body, I don't feel as constricted and bloated and FAT as I had been feeling before I started exercising regularly. My clothes are looser, even my ring the alarm old navy pants. (My ring the alarm pants, so I bought some pants from old navy last spring. I wasn't feeling them, they were too loose and a bit high waterish, I kept meaning to return them but didn't and finally, I took them out of my car and into my apartment. Anyway, long story short, they became a part of my work wardrobe. When I moved to El Paso, I tried to wear one of them to work and DIED when I realized I couldn't pull the pants over my thigh. Those pants were too baggy and now I couldn't wear them! I knew I was in serious trouble then. Those pants rung the alarm.)

I think once I hit that feeling, it was easier to say no to the popcorn calling my name last night, plus the fact that am just 4 pounds away from my goal has really encouraged me to do better.

Secondly, I finally bought fruit, just apples and oranges. They look super pretty in my blue bowl plus it's easy to eat one when i feel that need for sugar.

On Monday, I wrote down a few personal and work related goals that I wanted to accomplish for the week. For work, I wanted to write two handouts for my patients. For personal goals, there are a ton but two salient ones were: writing 1000 words daily and visiting thrift stores three times a week.

As far as the thrift store, I visited one on Monday and saw a few things I liked but couldn't pull the trigger. But today, I got two things. First, I finally got a scale!!!! So no more sneaking into the triage room at work to weigh myself. Best part, it was just $10. I was worried cos it was in a sealed box and I wasn't allowed to open it, but the cashier assured me that I could return it if there were any issues. I brought it home, set it up and it WORKED! And it is accurate. Best part of everything is that I saw a similar model at BBB for 30-40 bucks.

Then I saw this gold bamboo frame for $7.99. Please ignore the picture of the cat. I bought it for the frame which was love at first sight. I've seen the bamboo look on random decor blogs so when I saw this I was excited. I plan to put it in my foyer with my future console which I have yet to find anywhere. I have this vision of a putting a mirror in it and hanging it width wise. I am not sure how I am going to pull the mirror thing off yet. If anyone has any suggestions please share, thanks.

I'll stop here.  Need to go work on my thousand words before bed tonight.

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