Sunday, February 19, 2012

My week in review and in forward motion.

Last Monday, I took the time to write down a few goals that I wanted to accomplish for myself.

Work related, I promised myself to write two handouts for my patients. I started to, and realized that all the work had already been done for me on an amazing site called So I've decided to just print what I need and give it to those parents who are interested.

My personal goals were more extensive.

Visit a thrift store three times this week--  I guess I should clarify why. Basically, my ultimate goal is to transform my apartment into a beautiful place that I love by June 2012. However with my huge consumer debt, am kind of on a limited budget so I can't buy out HomeGoods like I want to, therefore thrifting was my solution. However, I was frustrated because I never find anything good except books. Last week, I discovered Mr GoodwillHunting's blog and i salivated over and coveted his finds and wondered why i wasn't ever so lucky. Apparently others had had the same reaction so he posted his secret to success, visit stores often! I have already blogged about my finds on day 1 and day 2.

Saturday after work I travelled to the west side of town. It has a really different vibe from the East side which is brand new. The west side is the richer part of town, also it's older and more established. Anyway, the Goodwill over there was pretty big. I was only going to spend $10 but I walked out $23 lighter. What did I buy? Glad you asked.

A vase for my guest bathroom
A clock for my own bathroom
I really need to stop walking into the books section of the thrift store. Sigh. But I love books! Ok, must only buy classic novels and books from authors I really really love.

No more gari and sugar (whenever i say this, i think of my beloved nephew. When he was a talking baby, he would ask for this, and since he never ate, we would gladly give it to him). I successfully avoided gari and sugar and discovered popcorn and honey roasted peanuts and then popcorn and chocolate chip morsels. But since that wasn't on the avoid list, I earned my reward. However, I spent it on my books so no gift from Sephora or Ulta for me. This week: no gari and sugar, and no popcorn with additives, in fact, no snack period that doesn't involve a naked fruit. There that should cover any loophole my sneaky mind can find.

Get my car texasified--big fat fail on that one!

Write a 1000 words daily on the outline for my future novel tentatively called The Cheat Reflex. I did really well except for Friday or Saturday. Friday, I was drained from the drama at work and just sat on my couch and read a novel in paper format instead. Saturday, I was obsessively trying to find my shoes and figure out how to make my hair pop for my dear friend's wedding in May. But the outline is almost done, so I will continue with it this week, and I hope to start fleshing it out by the end of this week.

Research Solar panels, I found some things but I could have spent more time doing that.

No aimless websurfing--AH! Still working on this so this will be the goal for next week as well.

Design my parents new house for them. I decided to break that down into smaller tasks. I've been finding some cool stuff that I have pinned to my pinterest board.

Weight wise, my goal is to hit 176 this week. Luckily, I have finally hit the point where am hooked on running. Kept thinking of going for a run all day Saturday. Maybe this week I will increase my run days to 5 days/week. Need some good music!

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