Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Can you hear that boom daboom boom boom baby that super bass?

Yes, Super Bass was the only song I heard during my workout yesterday that inspired me to complete a routine without whining or calling my trainer names. I think I need to make my own workout mix.

I decided the other day to go back to watching what I listen to because the mind is a powerful thing that tends to hold on to whatever you feed it, no matter what that thing is. So I decided to download the sermons I missed from the church I have decided to start attending. Long story short, one of the things that resonated with me from one of the sermons and was echoed today in my devotional is persistence. Rick Warren's specifically says "nothing great is every accomplished without persistence and patience."

I have always been a writer and when I was younger I wrote a lot. Everyday, everywhere. On the bus, while waiting for something, later at work. I wrote in my journal daily. I had scraps of paper on which I wrote stuff. And all that writing paid off, I always had some idea for a fictional tale or two. I may not have finished it, but i always had an idea. When I took writing classes, I was even more productive.

But lately, and by lately i mean the past three years, I rarely write and instead have become a consumer. I tell myself i want to write. I promise myself that I will start writing but to pick up a pen and actually write has been hard. It's so funny. I go to work everyday even though I don't feel like it, and even though sometimes I am sick and should be in bed. And I pay my bills regularly and in large amounts even though i'd rather spend my money on something else. But when it comes to doing that particular thing that makes me me and makes me feel whole and all is right with the world, I tend to put that off forever. I always come last with myself.

The point is, since I've started blogging here, I feel a bit better, a bit happier. It's hard though. Its hard sometimes to get the words out right, well it feels hard. I feel disjointed and all over the place and unstructured. But as I write I remind myself that I will edit later and to keep on keeping on. Anyway, this is why I write and I hope that with time my creativity will reawaken.

Have to go to the gym now. Week 6 day 3 of couch to 5k. Pure murder. 15 minutes of straight running. I can't do it!

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