Friday, February 03, 2012

We found love in a hopeless place...

Yay, it's Friday at last and I have Saturday off! This is my first Saturday off since the end of 2011. I worked three Saturdays in January, and most of my Saturdays were in a row. So I am super excited about tomorrow. I hope to finish hanging my curtains in my living room. I started but I realized many things, most important of which was my ladder is just tooo damn short. I was on my tiptoes the whole time. So am going to break down and buy a ladder.

Had a very odd dream. There were some other young Nigerian pediatricians like myself in town. Like myself they ended up here because they couldn't find jobs in their home city. Very odd. What are u saying subc?

Had my training session yesterday. He took my measurements. I still have a long way to go. My body fat is still pretty high. Yeah, I need to get my act together post haste cos I am paying way too much for me not to have any significant results. My target weight for the end of the month is under 180. I need to stop eating late night chin chin and raisins. I don't know why i snack at night. Maybe I need more snacks during the day? Anyway, I have the luxury of time this weekend. I will plan and execute a week's menu this Saturday.

Am sleeeeeeeeeeepy still.

Off to the gym.


Unknown said...

yes please stay off the chin chin and raisins, dont even buy them! Send the remaining chin chin here.

Oluyemisi Olotu said...

Lol. Too late, I already finished the bag. They were good too!