Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gongo Aso...

For once I didn't wake up with a song in my head. I woke up instead to my phone ringing but I thought it was my alarm. My first reaction was already, am not ready! I tend to leave my phone, which is my alarm and my ipod, also my alarm outside the room so i will actually get out of bed. Anyway, I picked it up, saw i had a missed call from nigeria. Wondered why they always call me at the crack of dawn, read my email, ignored another najia phone call, continued reading my email including a devotional that i usually avoid, felt convicted, read another devotional felt more conviction and then finally checked the time and saw it was 5:45! Big hiss. What!! I could have slept for another 30 minutes! I had been got.

I need every ounce of sleep because honestly, I have been wavering between hungry at night and exhausted at work. I fell asleep at my desk for the second time in a row yesterday. No, I don't have the nine month flu. Last night was a battle! I was hungry, HUNGRY! For dinner, I had ewa (nigerian beans) now anyone who knows me knows I HATE BEANS. YUCK. But, my cousin bought me a bag of beans and a bag of gari when she came to Miami last summer. The beans had been sitting there forever, except for when i made moin-moin for my new year's day feast a un or is it une? Anyway.

I was pretty carefree about what i ate this weekend, including a whole box of crackers (but we won't discuss that), so i have decided to be disciplined this week, the last week in Feb so i can sustain my goal being under 180. To that end, i decided to eat beans instead of rice with my stir fries. And to finally cook my nigerian beans. If i may say so myself, it came out pretty well. I searched for a recipe online but I finally just made it mine. I boiled some beans, added some salt, maybe too much and added blended pepper to it (bell pepper, plum tomato and onion 1 each). I cooked it to the consistency I liked, NOT MUSHY and it was quite delicious and didn't take any time at all. I had that for dinner last night and when the hunger pangs wouldn't let me sleep, another for a late night snack. It was yummy! Hey, at least it wasn't gari and sugar!

Sunday was not a bad day at all in retrospect. I went to church. I even went to bible study at four. I was so reluctant. I really do hate leaving my house. I am such a housebody. As always, I was the only one of me there. Not married, no children, african. Ok, there were two other singles there but mostly the women were all married with four children! Will I fit in? I am worried and I don't want to go back, but i already paid my money for the book so i can't run away. And I cooked. that in itself was a struggle cos i just wanted to sit on the couch and look for my shoes for the wedding in may and surf aimlessly, God deliver me. Anyway, I cooked.

I was creative this time around and didn't follow any recipes (cos i was lazy). Just took what I had in the fridge and cooked it before it went bad. I had left over mustard greens and spinach so i made a tomato/red pepper/greens stir fry. I plan to eat that with black beans. I boiled some chicken breast cos i was too lazy to chop it up, then added broccoli to the pot and let it steam. Maybe dinner. My aforementioned beans. Hmm, i don't have enough different meals for the week. I just have to worry about wednesday and thursday though cos am going away for a work conference on Friday-Sunday.

So sleepy, the temperature has dipped again and I feel cold. I need a vacation! I need a rich husband so i don't have to work. i think i abuse commas, and i hate capitalization. I can't be perfect jo. Free me!

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