Sunday, February 12, 2012

I get so emotional baby every time I think of you...

I was first introduced to her amazing voice by my mother who brought her tape home one day. I played that album out, in fact, hers was the last voice I heard before I went to sleep every night. 

Whitney, I loved her and eventually I came to know almost every song she had song to date (circa 1992-93, still don't know how because this was before Google, YouTube, ITunes, shoot the internet wasn't even widely accessible yet).  

I remember being so excited for her when she was on Video Soul with Donnie Simpson talking about her soon to be born daughter and the name that she and her husband had finally agreed on: Bobbi Kristina. 

I remember watching her perform on one award show or the other and shutting it down! I was in awe of her talent. She could SING!

You couldn't talk bad about Whitney to me back then. A friend of mine dared to say Sade was prettier than Whitney, I'm still a bit mad at her for that. And when the Bodyguard soundtrack was released, I never forgave my uncle for saying that Whitney ruined "I'll always love you." He simply had no taste because she made that song (no disrespect to Dolly P). Now acting on the other hand...

When I found out yesterday that she had passed away suddenly I was shocked much like the rest of the world. I thought she had won the battle and she was coming back. There is so much speculation and fingerpointing and such and such going on now. I'll admit, I have been guilty of some of it. But at the end of the day, a mother has lost her daughter, and a daughter has lost her mother, and the world has lost an amazing talent. Rest in Peace, and thank you for all the great music. 


Unknown said...

I know!! I remember that white tape that mommy brought home. We sure did play it out to the max!! Wow.. I feel like a great grandmother saying this but those were the good old days when music was music and Bet was a music channel. Video soul with Donnie Simpson, he was hot with those green eyes, was the bomb. I looked forward to watching that show. We had Patti Labelle, "I miss her how is your daughter", Anita Baker and the list goes on. Now, please I have gone months and months without watching BET.
So, which uncle said these things about Whitney's rendition?

Oluyemisi Olotu said...

You are so right! I looked forward to watching videos on my tv day. Remember that? LOL.