Sunday, February 05, 2012


going to church today. Woke up too late for the 9:00am so I have to go to the 10:30am.
Havent been to church in a long while. Don't know why. Just fell out of the habit. But I need to go out there and connect with God's people. He did say, do not neglect our meeting together: Heb 10:25 NLT. Sigh. I am returning to Life Church. It's right behind my house. So no need to travel too far. There are some Redeemeds here. But they split in two for whatever reason and I refuse to choose one over the other.

Saturday was so so in terms of goals.
I did get my chest after all for 30$ off, am going to buy some crystal pulls and wash it down and put it next to my bed.
I put up my curtains.
Got my wood for my canvas framing but it was too long so am going to see if they will recut it for me
Did my art work. LOL. Looks crazy
Bought a 9$ bag of fiberfill and could barely fill two ottomans. Will have to buy more. Or find a rag store or something.
Today is cook and clean day after church.
Will update this post with photos. My picasa is acting up!

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