Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random beyond Random

I think i might be coming down with something. When I woke up this morning, my throat was on fire. I hope I don't end up losing my voice. It's so cold, so cold, so cold. But I just did a quick estimate of my light bill and it's going to be worth it. I can still be more conscientious about light though. My upstairs neighbor's meter is less than mine. Obviously, I can start unplugging stuff and turning off unneccesary lights. I am just too competitive.

I weighed myself yesterday and am just 4-5 pounds away from my goal of being under 180 by the end of this month. I get so hungry late at night though. I don't know what to do about that. I started off with good intentions, i had my oven roasted chicken plus a huge bowl of salad for dinner. i ended up tossing the salad out because i highly suspected that the tomatoes in it had gone bad. note to self, when making salad ahead of time, eat it quickly or add tomatoes later. in fact, add all wet stuff later. oh well. i am giving up on salads. too cold for it. So ironic, in miami it was too hot so i would eat yogurt parfaits for dinner every night during my first year.

I need dinner and breakfast tips. I am getting tired of eggs and as for dinner, am trying to avoid salad. shoot. i will have to cook tonight when i come home. Unless i can whip something together before i leave today. but its soooooo cold and i don't want to leave my bed. i wonder if my apt will cover the cost of insulating these windows. even with my curtains i can still feel the cold air coming through.

days like these i wish i were independently wealthy.

i feel tired. even my legs are tired.

monday was a crazy work day. i didn't see a lot of patients but i ended up admitting two of them. they were that sick. i sent another home, i trusted her mother to take great care of her. some lady had major attitude with me. told me i was too young to be a real doctor. i told her i was most likely older than her being that am pushing 40 and all and most of my mothers are 3-5 kids deep by 25. not my finest moment but she got my back up questioning me and everything. telling me my job when she was doing a lousy job at hers. shoooooot. yes, i judged her. anyway, i got my comeuppance later on. i guess I should be happy i look ten years younger than my age.

i wonder what this post will be after i edit it later tonight.
still wish i didn't have to go to work.

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