Monday, February 13, 2012

Back at Monday...

Every morning I set my alarm for 6 am and every morning I do not fully come alive until way past 6, even when I wake up before my alarm clock like this morming. Why? o Why?

This week is going to be an awesome week. I have to repeat that affirmation to myself all day cos this week is a 6 day work week. Argh! I have enjoyed my last two weekends off tremendously, but alas all good things must end.

With the exception of the passing of the Voice, this weekend was a great weekend. I woke up at the crack of dawn as always which is soo annoying. Luckily, I didn't have to spend hours cleaning. I just hung up my clothes, emptied my sink and loaded the dishwasher, ate something for breakfast and finally left the house.

I went to look for my pulls at micheals, and a scale at bbb. No success at any of them but i did walk away with some trim for about a dollar each. I am thinking of jazzing up my boring white lamp shade. I bought blue trim but now am thinking that maybe that's too boring. It is a blue lamp after all. Will have to look online for some inspiration.

I went to the Chinese New Year celebration at the Chamizal National Museum. First of all, it wasn't actually a Chinese New Year celebration, more an exhibition of dances and martial arts. Me and my short attention span, about thirty minutes in, i was ready to leave and i got there about 10 mins late. Sad huh. I fell asleep in the middle but i finally roused myself towards the end, it wasn't that bad at all. Plus it was free. The kids in the audience were cracking me up. There was a little girl on stage that was hilarious, she kept waving to her family in the audience, no stage fright for her whatsoever.

Then i went to Hobby Lobby on the off chance that i would find my pulls and i found them! and they happened to be having a 50% off sale, except I didn't know that at the time and i was incredibly rude to the poor cashier when she refused my coupon for 40% off. She kept saying this is on sale and i was like but it didn't say that anywhere. Classic miscommunication. I thought the price as listed was the sale price. Dang if i had known, i might have made different choices but as it is now i like my pulls and they only cost $4.32 bringing my bedside table to a mere 133 (damn tax!)

I discovered some new blogs and now am re-inspired to get back into thrifting. I never find anything really cool, just cool books. Ok, not true. I found a silver tray at a Savers in Worcester. I have a gold plated tray that I found at a Red White and Blue in Miami, and that same Red White and Blue had a DeLonghi toaster that am kicking myself to this day for not getting. I found a pretty cool ombrish plant pot here in El Paso that is sitting pretty on my ottoman right now. Every time I look at it, it brings a smile to my face. Plus the books and books and books, I've gotten since I got here. I found a pretty recent version of an AAP book that I used to recommend all the time to new parents in Miami. The key apparently is to keep visiting as often as possible. When I think about the shoppers I know, like my sisters, mom, cousin, persistence appears to be the key, visiting stores so frequently that the shop keepers know you and start looking out for you. To that end, I went to a Goodwill near my job after work. I found some cool stuff but the price was killing me - am on a no shopping thing right now after all. Shoot. I saw something similar to this:

But it was $8 and I wasn't sure what to do with it, where it would go. I thought about them on the drive home  and started envisioning possibilities. As a catchall for my future console table which is going to be next to my door. I originally wanted a gold starburst mirror but now am thinking a turquoise starburst mirror instead. 

Or how about on my very bare and in dire need of a vignette bedside table. Or as a finger towel holder for my guest bath.  Shoot, shoulda just bought it! But am supposed to be on a shopping break and so far, I've been SHOPPING! Not with my cash completely but still! If it was meant to be mine, we will come across each other's paths again.

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