Saturday, March 24, 2012

You hate the fact that you bought the dream when they sold you one...

Of all the songs I heard yesterday, it's the one I didn't care much for that I woke up with in my head. I don't even know the lyrics and kept making them up in my head, actually switching it back to the original line. LOL. Had to look it up and listen to video several times while writing this post. Does it count? I actually liked Drakey drake when he first came out, but now all his radio songs sound just alike. But what is my own? It has made him a superstar abi with millions of fans and money.

Anyway, yay the weekend! I went on a mini shopping spree on Thursday and Friday. I don't know what my issue is sometimes, I am on a BUDGET. Obviously, it means nothing to me. LOL. Tired of being in deprivation mode jo. But I digress.

I went to Walmart looking to buy my succulents but of course, the Wal-mart near my house let me down as it always does. That place is just big for nothing jo. I saw some at the one next to my job, perfect size, looked great. perfect price. I didn't buy it at the time for whatever reason my reasonable self came up with.

But I went to dollar tree to pick up just a dust pan o, and maybe the tulips for my project, see here. Anyway, I walked out 13$ lighter, damn tax. I found these cute crackled flower pots that am going to use for my herb garden. (Clap for me, I picked white instead of blue). Some zen garden thingies that i thought the tray would be perfect for my succulent idea.  So, I had to have my succulents that night to see how they would look, and since the Wal-Mart at work was already behind me, I figured the walmart next to home would do fine since they all carry the same things. My mind was like, remember the half dead live christmas tree you bought from there, that place does not take care of their plants o. But no, I had to have those succulents today as in NOW.  And they fulfilled all my expectations by not having my stuff. Not even my indoor outdoor rug that i needed for my diy moroccan patio rug. But I found this super cute alarm clock for 3$. 

In adding the photos to the post, I somehow lost a paragraph. I was going on about finally receiving my silverware from CB2 (my reward for being gari and sugar free for 4 weeks), and my bedside carafe which i got cos the silverware was $10 bucks cheaper than I thought it would be. Sigh. It was such a nice paragraph, am going to miss it.

Anyway, my second, now third, alarm clock is going crazy out there. I am going to the gym on time today for once (maybe not), and then on to Las Cruces Farmer's market to see what I can see. I hope it's not a big fat disappointment. The reviews are somehow, some praising the place, some saying it's not a farmer's market at all.

In case you care, the actually song i woke up with was: it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to, i can lie if i want to, you know. only me.

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