Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a week

What a crazy week last week was, I can't believe I fell ill. Unfortunately though, each time I think am better, another symptom comes and rears its head. Now my stomach is complaining and it's not cos am hungry.

I worked out with my trainer yesterday and I had to rest between each set because I felt exhausted. I fell asleep on the couch like at 8ish and still overslept this morning. I guess I won't resume my morning jogs until the end of the week, maybe.

And I'm working this weekend. Argh!

I think some retail therapy is in order. I deserve it anyway, most of my work pants are sliding off my hips. But knowing me, I will probably shop for the house instead.

Projects for the week:
Bathroom: Hang up my new piece of art. It looked better on the site but i still love it. Just $4 bucks after all is said and done. I got a poster frame from goodwill for $2. I was thinking of buying some gray or black posterboard and using that as a backdrop for the piece. I need to get one more rug for in front of the sink and i can mark that space complete.

Mah chair: Measure for yardage. I think I found the material I like at Hobby Lobby. Am excited. Search for tools. Strip it!

My novel: Complete my outline this week. Do or die. Maybe I will do the Starbucks thing this weekend and go write there after work. There is one right next to my house too. I need an artist date! ooh, I know, I will go see poppies after work on Saturday. So apparently, it's the 31st. Well no fear, am working that day too.

Time is fast spent. Off to work I go. Wish I could take a sick day.

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