Monday, March 19, 2012

Get it together...

Ok, I have been using this illness as an excuse for far too long. I haven't worked out in a week. I haven't written in my blog. My house is a disaster area. My fridge is empty. I need to get it together. Get off the couch. Get out of bed at my normal time of 5am and get my act together. And all this starts today. Am making a list right here, in the hope that I will be motivated to actually accomplish it.

It's a simple list too.
Hang up my paintings
Return my library book and get a book on upholstery

I need to stop online window shopping and focus. I did find my console, well something that will do for now, on Amazon.

I am finding it hard to pull the trigger though. In the meantime, I have the vase for said console. Found it at Marshall's on Friday. It was on clearance for $10. I passed on it, along with the lamp that would have been perfect for my bedside table but I felt I was being impulsive in my spending. Anyway, I couldn't get it out of my head so I went back Saturday after work and writing. The lamp was long gone, for $20, I didn't think it would still be there but the vase was still there, along with this shower curtain that I loved even though it does not fit the style of any of my bathrooms. But it was so rich looking, I had to get it. I had better buy my console before I lose that too huh?

I did finally watch the Downton Abbey that everyone in internet land has been talking about. It was interesting, and I finished the whole first series this weekend. I had just come off being addicted to In Plain Sight, a show based in New Mexico about a US marshall working for the witness protection program. So it was an interesting contrast.  I am finally putting netflix and my appletv to great use at last. Now I need to find more shows to watch to justify my 8$ a month expense.

Alright, I am procrastinating. Off to clean.

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