Friday, March 23, 2012

Mo gbono fele fele

To think just 0.75 miles of a run and I feel great again. Until I went to work that is, but I will not discuss that here. Even though I really want to do so. But suffice it to say that maybe I should follow through on that e-mail my little sister sent me months ago.

Friday at last. Why am I not excited?  I am going to start listing things to be excited about to get myself all pumped up.

Am alive, so I can still make decisions
I have the weekend off
Farmer's market Saturday
My clothes are fitting better
I am finally getting over the congestion and cough

I just went through my account. Oooh wee. Almost had a heart attack because I thought I was spending way too much on shopping. But after re-categorizing a few things here and there, it looked more reasonable. Still, why do i have to go through all that???? Why can't it recognize the categories automatically? Note: still spending way too much for someone supposed to be on a tight budget. But not as bad as it made me look.

Anyway, thanks to that wake up call, am still not going to pull the trigger on Target's take of my Parson's dining table and chairs. But, I am getting that patio set, do or die, this weekend. I envision my patio with that set, and a Moroccan inspired rug similar to the one pictured in my cravings. I found a DIY tutorial for it. It looks super hard, especially for someone challenged with straight lines like me but I just need to do it very slowly and patiently. I was thinking of doing the rug in a black and white, with the rug itself black and the pattern white, I think that will tone down the turquoise a lot, verdad? And because am incorporating orange into every single room, I am going to put an orange lantern as the centerpiece. I bought one for like 5 bucks from Will it actually go together? Who knows. Will see when it gets here.

To recap for the one visually oriented person reading this (aracoughmide):


so unfair, the other colors are on sale...

Meanwhile, my chair is looking at me looking at it on a daily basis. I need to get going on that project very soon.

"mo gbono fele fele bi amala to jina. don't hate me cos i'm hotter than u." yay, the music is back! 

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