Monday, March 05, 2012

i whip my hair back and forth...

I went thrifting the other day at a Goodwill store that has everything except furniture 50% off. It was the same one I dashed into before I jumped on my flight last friday. The same one I found my arm chair.

The armchair was still there, and now the cashier told me that even furniture is 50% off, making that chair 15$$$. Am soooooooooooooooo tempted. I have been searching online all last night (instead of cleaning) for DIY upholstery. It also has a leg broken and I wonder if I could fix that.

Mehn, am still thinking about that chair, I think that if I go back tonight after work and it is still there, then it's on. I am taking it with me. And then I have to fall back because I have gone a bit crazy buying stuff lately, with all the shoes i've been eyeing and buying. Actually, am going to return one of them because my foot couldn't even fit. It's just as well. I didn't realize I had spent so much on said shoe! I guess am a typical woman because I had subtracted oh like 15 dollars off the price. LOL. Anyway, it's going back. I already printed the return label and everything, it's going back today!

Now that am slowly getting down in size, i am trying to upgrade my work wardrobe and shoe gear. I wish i could wear heels to work but am too spoiled and hate pain so not yet.

Ok, so I started this post on Friday morning and just now getting back to finishing it. I am slacking already. This week will have to be better, I promise!

In short, I went back on Sunday for my chair. It was still there but unfortunately, not 50% off, like the lady said. I was excited too because the same lady that attended to me on Thursday was there on Sunday. However, the signs clearly stated everywhere that furniture was not 50% off, so I knew I couldn't try to scam her. LOL. But, I think I am done thrifting for now. I need to fall back for a minute. I am spending too much money these days. Yes, it barely breaks the bank at max expenditure of $30 bucks and lowest expenditure of maybe $5 but it adds up. Plus, I have finally found a reliable website and the startup cost for reupholstering is a big chunk. Am not sure if I am going to make out well in the long run, since I don't know the original cost of the armchair.

We will see.

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