Saturday, March 10, 2012

That explains that...

So all this time I was calling myself a lazy so and so, and wondering how I could fall asleep while taking out braids, my poor body was battling the flu and possibly strep throat. O ga ju. Everything came to a head on Thursday with fever, chills, body aches et al. I even got sent home early on Thursday. I could barely drive home, I cursed myself again for not following my decision to live close to work, the twenty miles to my house felt like 40 and I felt a bit delirious so I couldn't drive at my usually breakneck speed of 80mph but a sedate pace of 60.

Because I said I would, I went back to work on Friday even though I felt like pure unadulterated garbage. Didn't even feel like eating either. Of course, I got into it with one of my patient's mother. Her poor child had viral pharyngitis and I told her so but she insisted on antibiotics. Ay dios mio. I know if I wasn't sick, I would have been more patient. But my throat was on fire, my legs were barely holding up and my nose was running, plus i felt kind of blind because my glasses kept steaming up so I may have been a bit rude. Not my finest hour!
I should have stayed home! This sense of obligation to everyone but myself must cease! Anyway, Friday was a half day as well, so I gathered my energy and drove home again and took myself to bed along with Candace Bushell's book: Lipstick Jungle. I drifted in and out, in and out. But finally, finally, the fever broke sometime this morning. Still with the damn congestion but at least my throat is no longer on fire.

So much to do! This house needs a fumigation. My car. Everywhere is a mess. And I have a ton of notes to write this week. Ay dios mio! I still have to figure out my chair situation. And lastly, i have to do my bible study homework, and cook. I am tried just writing all this nonsense. The bright spot is that I finally get to pick up my shoes, they have been waiting for me all week. Hope they fit!

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