Thursday, March 22, 2012

I had a patient yesterday who was down and out. Nothing was wrong, but he just felt so tired every time he thought about his life. He was in a word, bored. All work and no play whatsoever. I could actually relate to the poor thing even though he was barely out of his tweens.  I feel the same way, hours and hours and hours at work with nothing to look forward to at night IS depressing. There just has to be more to life than working all day long, every day. Hmm. I tried to tell him about delayed gratification and all that but even I wasn't buying it.

The funny thing is when i do go somewhere I can't wait to go home. I went to a dinner last night about a medication and goodness me, i was done, ready to be home after the first five minutes.  I know it's because am an introvert, and having to be on for more than 8 hours just drains me. I hate talking, I hate smiling, and I hate being outgoing. But I love kids and I hate being in debt so there you go.

I am trying to get out of El Paso this weekend. Nowhere too far because I didn't plan well in advance. I told myself last month that i want to travel out of ELP every month. January, it was Lagos. February it was Las Vegas, and this weekend, am choosing Las Cruces. It's literally an hour away and I am only going to the farmer's market but at least I won't be in Texas. That's the main objective. I am over the whole I don't want to travel alone crap. I was reading about a new google service that helps you find the lowest fare ticket from your destination to a destination. Of course, my cheapest choices are boring places. I really do need an adventure or something to lift this fog.

Maybe I just need to start working out again like i used to do. That was the best drug ever.

Still don't have a song... the music has died in me.

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