Monday, March 26, 2012

some song that refuses to make itself known

So, the weekend was a bit of a let down. I couldn't for the life of me find the Las Cruces Farmer's Market. I made it to the address listed on the website without issues. I was a bit worried because it said it was downtown and the area did not look like a downtown at all. It was in a very residential looking place, with trees and houses. Anyway, I kept driving, looking for farmers and things until I almost ended up back on the highway. All I kept seeing were masses of baseball players. Finally, I parked and walked around. Yup, my contacts were not deceiving me, the place was filled with baseball players. As it turned out, the address was for the community center. I walked in and the guy directed me down the street. He said, "drive down, all the way and you will find a parking lot filled with them." I followed his directions to a t (ok maybe, i went elsewhere first to look for an ATM, I am a cashless person, and in my haste to leave ELP on time, i forgot to stop at an atm and my GPS had me going in circles. Finally, i just stopped at a random supermarket and did cash back.)

So, i followed his directions to a near T, and still nothing. I gave up and drove on back home. Well, first I checked out a consignment/vintage store called Fabulous Finds. The store was really nice and clean and smelled good. It had some nice stuff but not my console table. Their prices were a bit above my humble budget but they had some decent pieces. If I ever decide to go back to the farmer's market, i might drop in again.

Since I was closer to the Westside of El Paso, I decided to drop into Helen of Troy factory store known for hair products and OXO! I wanted to get a palm brush for my sink. My kitchen is completely open and is the first thing you see when you walk into the house. I hate having my soap and sponges just out like that. At the same time, i am not that good at putting things back in their places as my sisters can attest so putting the soap under the cabinet was not the perfect solution. I had seen a glass soap dispenser at Kirklands, along with some cute throw pillows. But at 9.99 and 12.99 respectively, i hadn't been willing to pull the trigger. I am always afraid of being impulsive in my shopping so i wait. Unless i know the price already and i know that the price before me is a good deal then i go for it. Or if i have been searching and dreaming then i just do it. Oherwise, if i stumble upon something that i wasn't thinking of acquiring before i stumbled upon it, i am more reluctant to buy it. The prices at Helen were soooo not outlet store prices. It was barely different from Target prices. So i kept it moving. But I did spend money there. I finally bought a soft bonnet hair dryer (which makes me think of the miraculous hair straightening machine on movie The Help) and some hair accessories.

I ended my day at Pier 1 and World Market. I found my patio rug for 20$ at World Market. It was blue and white and ikat. But hey, it was $20 and stylish. So I bought it without second guessing myself. I was in a rush so I couldn't browse to my heart contents but I was beginning to realize that the pillows at Kirkland's were a good deal. I mean I knew that but i was being Miss Ijebu. Is that racist (tribalist, ethnicist, culturalist?) Ok, i was being mad cheap. I ran over to Pier 1 and had multiple heart attacks. I don't know how they do it, having World Market right next door when their stuff is similar and cheaper. But their stuff is still nice! Anyway, i was in a rush because my trainer had rescheduled our training session to Sat and it was getting dangerously close to that time.

After my training session, which was good, I had dropped to 28.6% bodyfat from a start of 34.something, and bad, he made me run outside in the hot sun, (only in america would u pay someone to kill you). I ran to Kirklands, bought my glass soap dispenser and of course the pillows were gone. I mean ravaged. I mean, the display case was empty whereas it had been neat and full on Thursday. I never learn.

My third alarm is going off, so off to the gym i go. My second alarm didn't even make an appearance today. have to find out what its issue is. And i hate my first alarm cos it has no snooze button but for once i am on target with my early morning goals. I have more to say. But I think this is enough.

I did wake up with a song, and it's playing in my head as i type this but i can't discern the lyrics and i don't know who sang it. All i know is it's a nigerian male singer. Only me.

Pictures to come, maybe.

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