Monday, November 19, 2012

24 hours away from the ELP.

So I did something that my usually financially prudent self wouldn't do. I hopped on a plane and went far away for one day to attend the wedding of one of my friends from medical school.

My travel day did not start off auspiciously. First I overslept. Next the zipper broke on the dress I had been planning to wear for days so I had to change into something that has been on facebook a thousand times. Hopefully no one will notice. Then I realized that I had left my powder and concealer in my desk at work, so I had to go barefaced! My skin is great ok, but I still have these spots and three big pimples that I didn't want to display to the whole world!

It was a long flight (3 hours to ATL, and 1.5 hours to HPN) and I was determined to get as much writing as possible done on the flight. And I did, alternating between my laptop and my notebook. When I got tired of writing, I read through the tutorial for Scrivener, an organizing program for writers I am trying out. I had made the conscious decision not to bring any novels with me because I knew that I would read those instead of writing which would start a chain reaction of guilt and self condemnation.

In Atlanta, I had some time before my connection so I rushed to the bathroom and took out my hair. I did a style called cocoon curls as explained by naptural85 on theYoutube the night before. I used my aloe vera leave in to dampen the hair, and then whipped shea butter (mixed with idi-agbon oil). I could literally see my hair stretching before my eyes as I worked in my mix. I must admit I took some shortcuts such as not doing precise parts, so when I took it out I was a bit disappointed. But I finger fluffed and shook my head a few times and went to board my flight.

I landed in the HPN a bit late. It was a traditional airport, even smaller than El Paso and we didn't even have a covered gangway. It was cool. I wish someone were there to take my photograph as I walked down the steps waving to my adoring crowd. What's that? Am not famous, and I have no fans? Not yet. Not yet.

The wedding was fabulous. The food was good. The music fun. And then it was time to go to my motel which was in Stamford CT.

I drove up there and I wanted to drive back somewhere else. I am not easily scared or fazed by anything. I was that girl that was jogging through Little Haiti and downtown Miami. I was that girl that walked to my favorite grocery store in Little Haiti and bought my gas from the gas station across the street from the place, only to learn from my friends that they had been told to drive through all those areas without stopping for the red light. People are people are people and most time they are not even thinking about doing you wrong. Ok?

But this place scared me. I guess it was all the people hanging outside. I didn't like that. My room was right by the front desk and the ice machine and the dining area. So it was pretty noisy. But hallelujah anyway, at least I was close to the front desk so the clerk could prevent anyone from doing anything to me, to be extra sure, I put the dead bolt on. Lol.

 I woke up early the next day, attempted to write but couldn't focus so I got dressed, checked out and went to a diner I found on Foursquare.

I love breakfast in diners. I love the toast, home fries, and eggs. When I used to work at Northeastern, there was this little place across the street that my coworker put me on to. Once a week, I would treat myself to breakfast: two scrambled eggs, toast soaking in butter, and homefries. Yummy and cheap too! So I recreated that here, plus I got some banana pancakes. I had a feeling that I would probably forget to eat lunch so I was eating for the long haul. I was very right. 

Anyways, the diner did not look like a place that welcomed lingering so I paid my bill and got up and went looking for a cafe so I could get my words for the day in. I got lost! I could feel myself getting agitated because I wanted to write something before I got on the plane, at least type in my freewrites. I could see my limited amount of time decreasing. Finally, I just picked a random street and walked, only to find the place I was searching for. 

Unfortnately by the time I paid for my latte, the place had filled up. So I went outside and sat on the library steps and breathed in cigarette smoke from the people who were sitting there waiting for the library to open. I sacrificed my lungs for my art yall.

I had limited time so I focused on typing one of my freewrites which turned out to be 1500 words long! Yeah! That was just 100 words short of my daily word target so I felt really good about that. Especially since I had about 4 others to type in. I people watched a bit, and saw some delightful children.

Then I heard the sounds of a parade and I went to take pictures and even shed a tear as I thought about the veterans service to the nation. I am totally against war ok, so I shocked myself with that one.

His swag was killing me. 

It was a great trip  (even though I did spend most of it writing) and I am glad I went. I made a few promises to myself though:
  1. no more last minute ticket buying - so not frugalista.
  2. No more motels, straight up hotels for this girl, 3 star minimum
  3. must do this more often.
I just realized that Atlanta is a plane ride away, so also is Phoenix and Vegas and Houston and Dallas and Chicago, and California (yeah the whole state lol). So I guess I will be creating some serious mileage in the coming months as I explore the United States one city at a time for 24 hours at a time.  

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