Friday, November 09, 2012

Writing life...

So, it's about eight days into NaNoWriMo and I have been pretty committed to it.

I have stopped going back to sleep after waking up early in the morning, and started writing instead. I don't know if what I am writing is any good and sometimes that little editor in my head is in my ear whispering sometimes shouting that what i am writing is pure garbage.  But, I tell it i will edit after I am done and to leave me alone.

I have stopped making excuses not to write. I tell myself that even ten minutes is something. So now, I write during my lunch hour, there is a park I drive to sometimes. I eat my lunch and then type as much as I can in the time that I have.  I even went to Starbucks after work on Friday last week, and this tuesday, in the hour between work and bible study. (Can I just tell you that it feels like there is a  Starbucks on every corner out here?)

I don't know why I put off all those things that make me me. I love praying, and at one point, I thought I was called to be an intercessor. I love writing, in fact, my tag in college was the one who writes to survive, but I have allowed the cares of my life to choke my loves to death, leaving me restless, discontent and out of sorts.

The amazing thing is, the minute I take a step towards writing or God, I always feel a shift, without fail. I no longer feel out of sorts, depressed, down and out, resentful or hopeless. I even felt motivated enough to start exercising again. Walking, not jogging yet because my knee likes to complain when I overwork it, but I am moving at last.

I think what helped my momentum was writing in Starbucks. Unlike the library where I always end up grabbing a book and just reading other people's words instead of writing my own or my house where I look at the chaos that surrounds me and start cleaning, I actually get work done there.

I even went to a write in on Sunday. Mad late, and super anxious (my sister and mom had to hold my hand over the phone to help me walk in there, can you imagine? I didn't realize I was that socially anxious. Hmm.) Anyway, I went in there. I saw people who i suspected were writing in writers but I didn't have the guts yet to go up and say hi. Maybe next time.

But yeah, cafe writing can be costly (wonder if i can write it off, hmmm) so I became obsessed with finding a teapot. I don't know why I need to have tea but that's what my artist demanded, and by golly, I plan to satisfy her so she can write and make me happy. I came upon this one at World Market for a mere 4.99$. It was green but the price was right.

Home Cafe. 

Whatever it takes. Funny thing is, in about 8 days, I have written more words for this novel than I have written in the past 8 months. Whatever it takes! This book shall be finished this month, God willing!

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