Monday, November 12, 2012

What is mine is mine!

My lease ended at the end of September and of course I waited until the absolute last minute to search for my next place. Truth was I was not feeling anything that I saw close to my job, either the price wasn't right or the amenities were not too great. Anyway, I finally found a place that was closer to my job (6 miles vs 20 miles); had a great view (the mountains are in my backyard) and the rent was cheaper too. Truth be told, I had originally planned to move into this place when my lease was up, but I read some reviews on the innanets and I talked myself out of it. I liked it not because of the amenities (not a luxury apartment, whatever that is) but because it was very close to my writing office during the summer time. In fact, I learned of the apartment because I passed in front of it on the way to the canyon.

Anyway, I went to the leasing office and applied for the apartment, got approved, paid my deposit and put the move date on my calendar. I started packing, and even packed up my entire living room, guest suite and kitchen and began to think about how I would decorate, and daydreamed about trying again to grow some plants. But then I got a nasty little surprise, apparently I had to give 60 day notice even though I was now a month to month tenant.


I was so mad. I lost my temper big time because I was ready to go, I was tired of the long commute. I was tired of living in my apartment and I was ready for the next thing. I called my present apartment about my options and I was told snarkily that I could leave, they weren't holding me hostage, but I had to pay them their rent. Umm, dear not very brilliant person, you are holding me hostage because you are making me pay rent whether I stay or leave despite the fact that I do NOT have a lease with you.

So I sat and waited because I was not paying rent in two places. My sisters reminded me that God is in control and maybe there was something else going on that we could not see at the present time. So I waited, grumbling and mad, but I waited. The minute November rolled around again, I called the place to find out if they had any apartments. I was pretty sure they would tell me no or that they had an apartment with an ugly view but to my surprise she said Yes, your original apartment is still available.

What now? (halle????)

And the rent is, and she said something cheaper than the original quote (hallelu!).

Someone had put in for the apartment, but they were unable to rent it after all and the apartment still remained available. (hallelujah!!!)

That really made my day.

Now check this out, I didn't tell the whole story from the beginning. You see, when I originally went to rent the apartment, I had been looking at a smaller apartment on the same side of the complex. However, I did not make my mind up on time and when I returned to rent it, it had already been rented out. But not to fear, the woman said, a larger place is now available, and check it, the rent has gone down too so it's almost the same price as the smaller apartment. I immediately paid the deposit and application fee only to run into the roadblock above.

In short, that apartment was always meant to be mine.

You know me, I am a total extrapolator. There is something that I really want. I have even prayed and fasted for it twice, dreamed about it at least twice, that's how strongly I want this thing. About a month ago, I got some disappointing news. I even cried, that's how hurt I was that this thing was out of my reach. My sisters, who can be really mean to me by the way, told me to stop the sniveling, woman up, grab a hold of my faith and let go. Meanies!

Where was I? Oh yeah, so who knows. If this thing that I want so badly is really for me, some things may shift in the atmosphere to make it happen for me. In the meantime, I keep praying for God to open my eyes and help to see His hand at work in my life.  


abayomi ogunbodede said...

Great piece. Interesting read. I don't think your sisters are meanies though. They're just keeping it real with you. As regards the other thing, I'm sure that you know that all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed. Do let us know how it goes.

Oluyemisi Olotu said...

You are right. Truth still hurts though. I will let you know.