Saturday, July 14, 2012

Decade of Destiny

2002 was a significant year for me.
Two significant events marked that year for me:
1- I emerged from a horrible crushing black fog and decided to become a medical doctor, and
2- I gave my life to Christ.

It wasn't an easy ten years, except for the first year when I was in love with God and immersing myself deeply in His word, the rest of the years were a daily battle. Battle with self, flesh, school, work, matters of the heart, loneliness. There were many times that I felt like just giving up. There were many times that I turned my back on God because I felt He wasn't answering my heartfelt pleas: no bible reading, no church attending.

Somehow, I made it through. I survived. I graduated from medical school and then residency and my first few months on the job. Now a year later, I have an intense desire to LIVE. Not just survive, but thrive.

My birthday is exactly a month to today and I have decided to embark on thirty days of meditation on what and how I want my next ten years to be. One thing I know for sure is that I want to start living out God's purpose for my life. I think I have an idea of what it is, I wrote something out some 8 years ago, my prayer is that God will show me how He wants me to bring this to life.

Many years ago, my cousin and I read the Sacred Romance by John Eldredge and Brent Curtis I decided to study his follow up book:The Journey of Desire:(Searching for the Life We Always Dreamed of)

I know what I don't need are words and more words but a time of hearkening to God's voice. I hope He speaks to me. All I am certain of is I want more than the life that I am living right now.

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