Thursday, July 05, 2012

Today was awesome...

I woke up on time for once and for once instead of writing nonsensical complaints in my morning pages, I actually wrote about my beloved characters. So am happy!

My writing corner, except for the lamp and books,
everything was thrifted. The chair was my first repair. 


I painted the chair with fabric paint, but I ran out of paint and covered the seat with an old skirt of mine that was made from ankara (adire?????). I discovered wood glue, and glued the leg back on. Now that I am not scared of painting wood, I think I will sand the feet down and restain them, one day.

The bamboo table was $12.99. It took me a week and a half to decide on it. It was covered in dust, the glass was taped down and it looked mad beat up, plus it was missing a glass top in the middle.

$12.99 Goodwill

I thought the price was too much. But then, I saw this:

$199,  Ballard Designs
And I ran back immediately and snatched it up, soap and water, glass cleaner and it looks pretty nice now.

My baby cousin joined us today, July 5th, welcome love! I can't wait to see you. 

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