Saturday, July 07, 2012

Omi o l'ota o. (Water, e no get enemy)

Water and I have this amazing passionate but very unreciprocated love affair.

I love it, it doesn't know that I exist.

I love it in all its forms, rain, river, lake, ocean, a tall glass of cold water.

Unfortunately, I can't swim to save my life.

All of my life, with the exception of the past few months, I've lived close to a body of water. Cambridge (Mass), Lagos, Boston, Worcester, Miami. Now am in the desert, and even though the mountains are gorgeous, it's just not cutting it for me. I guess that's why I am drawn to any form of picture or photo with water in it.

I took the following pictures during my last months in Miami using my phone and my ipod touch. I blew them up in a graphic editing program called GIMP, free of course. Hmm, maybe I should use it instead of Picasa to retouch the photos. Never thought of that. But I digress. Then I printed them at Wal-Mart. I found some truly vintage frames at the Goodwill and spray painted them black. In fact, the frames, me and the song which titles this post are all of the same vintage year.  Imagine that.

I am trying to decide on the positioning of the pictures because one of these is not like the other.
I really have to figure out how to tweak my photos.

I leave you with Fela, as I return to my book.

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