Sunday, April 15, 2012

Style Icon: My sister

My sisters and mother have great style. Even better, they always manage to look great on a budget. When my sister  told me that her outfit today cost only $62, I had to share.  She is no joke when it comes to getting a good deal, in fact, she guided me through negotiations for my nightstand from Marshalls earlier this year
Skirt: Limited $8.99. (Originally $59.90, final reduction 14.99. I snagged it when they were doing a 40% off store wide promotion.)

Blouse: Limited. $12.99 (Originally $24.99, I got it for 12.99. I was actually pretty upset because I had missed getting it just a few days prior when the store had its 40% of sale.)

Shoes: Boutique 9. $39.99.

I have been begging her to blog about her wonderful clothing deals but she just ignores me. Maybe this post will encourage her. 


Ag said...

Lovely skirt! I love it when peoples style inspiration are friends and family...

Oluyemisi Olotu said...

Thanks Ag. I forwarded your comment to my sister, maybe she will finally be inspired to start blogging.