Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Could it all be so simple?

I just discovered an amazing way to clean the tub. I discovered it on some random website during my many many marathon surfing nights. I typically hate cleaning my tub. I thought I found my way around it when I discovered Method daily shower spray. It smells so amazing and it really keeps soap scum at bay. But, of course am not consistent about using it daily. I'll be good for about a week and then fall off woefully. Anyway, my new trick is Mr. Clean or its dollar tree equivalent. I cleaned my tub with it and it works. My dollar tree equivalent is of course a buck, and it's not as firm as mr. clean and is probably only good for one tub wash but it works! It's so easy! Am in love.

Another wonderfully simple solution I found is for my chair. I just discovered it last night on Mr.Goodwill Hunting's blog. All this while I had been sweating this amazing wing chair that he had on that site, black with plaid accents. It looks very expensive and I figured he bought a chair and had it re-upholstered. Can you believe it is painted!!! OMG! Painted! You can read all about it here. With the step by step here. Am just in awe right now! And super plus, very cost effective. That's my weekend project. And if it comes out all wrong, no problem, I can always repaint it.

And here I thought internet surfing was damaging my brain. Ok, it is, it is because I spend too much time surfing  but keep praying for my deliverance.


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