Monday, April 02, 2012

Baba Time, please pump your brakes.

Wow. This year is already in the fourth month, the second quarter of the year! ARGH.

Father time, I beg, there is no need to rush. Or maybe it's just me because 24hours seems compressed into 2hrs and the day is done already with none of my many goals accomplished.

Last week, I was very ambitous, and I very ambitiously did not complete a thing. I made a plan to walk/jog 3 miles daily, write almost daily, work on my novel blah blah etc etc. Of course I accomplished maybe 10% of that, but nevertheless, it is well. I have a new week to start all over and get it right. I know I will be able to do more with my time once I get out of my habit of excessive net surfing. I did promise myself no more gossip blogs last week, and while I haven't been completely cold turkey, I have managed to cut it down to about maybe ok, i did cut it down sha, no need to quantify. LOL. At least am not reading it second thing in the morning anymore.

My major number one problem is procrastination! If I could truly conquer that, everything else in my life will fall into place. Sigh. Prayer warriors and regular praying folks, pray for me.

Nevertheless, I will make another plan for this week, because after all as they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Financial wise: I am on target with paying back my debt. Not on target with my budget. I had an extra check this week but despite calculating and recalculating, due to my trigger happy ways with the previous paycheck I was unable to do as much damage to my debt as I had hoped. I was hoping that this month of April will see the end of two major debts but we will see sha. The plan is no spending outside of food/gas/rent for this month.

Novel wise: Haven't touched it. I need something to spark my creativity. I was to go to two events on Saturday. The first one I missed due to work. The second one I came home and crashed like a mad woman. But I did go see Red Tails finally. it was alright. The acting was something else. I also finally read Hunger Games. Kobo books was having a sale and I am kicking myself for only buying one of the books instead of all three. They cost 89 cents for the first, a buck for the second and third or thereabouts. I should have known better. My call partner whilst I was in residency had been reading and talking about those books for the month we were together. She was hooked like some people were hooked on twilight and harry potter. I had been trying to borrow them from the library electronically since last year but they only had the audio versions and I don't do audio. Hopefully, another sale will come my way. In the meantime, I keep wondering about the characters. That's the type of story I want to write.

Home Decor. My goal is to have a fab apt by July and here it is April already. Sigh. I will talk about that in another post. I need to go work out right now, not at 7am. LOL.

Fitness. Am losing weight. But I can't run a mile  to save my life. Had a crazy dream about my training sessions. But next post. This way I have something to talk about tomorrow and I can accomplish my goal of 6 posts/week. Lol.

The real reason I don't write is because I just find my day to day so boring and I don't want to bore my one reader, you know?


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