Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrifting Adventures.

Well this week has been good for me thrifting wise.

I finally got a frame for my problem child. I was going to leap for an $8 one but I couldn't see myself paying that much, fortunately, it didn't seem like an easy frame to remove the picture from so I talked myself out of it. Then on a whim on Tuesday, I went back and I found the perfect frame for 4.99.

I spray painted it black last night to match the rest of my framed objects in the space but of course I got spray on the plexi glass. But thanks to Ms. Google, I found a solution to that, nail polish remover, unfortunately, it got a bit cloudy plus in my overzealousness i cracked the plexiglass. Sigh. At least it removed the spray pain from my fingers. Oops, was supposed to use non acetone. oh well. hehe. Next google search...
Go me, I remembered the before picture

Problem child.I have spent way too much on you! First it was the wood that wouldn't fit. The canvas was uneven, fortunately I had black poster board lying around from a previous framing project, so I used it as backing. It can match the black paint left over on the plexi glass. LOL.

I also found an ivory blazer for $3. Very eighties with shoulder pads and all which i promptly took out when I got home. I am going to see if i can wear it to a white themed party am going to for three hot seconds on Saturday night.

But the best best best of all was yesterday. So many Sundays ago, I went to my favorite Goodwill and found some cute stuff. I found this beat up dresser/cabinet?/buffet? with loads of potential for $60, really well made but just abused. I literally sat next to that thing for 20 minutes as I plotted how I would get it home. I only have a little convertible and this thing is a beast so I couldn't pop the top down and load it in like i've done in the past. So I sadly kept on going. I also saw some white chairs that I thought would be perfect for the space but it wasn't compelling enough for me to buy them at $40 bucks a pop.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday. I kept dreaming about my dresser and finally I went after work to see if it was still there. It WAS. And it was reduced by 50%. I bought it on the spot! I felt it was a sign even though I still had no way of getting it home.The chairs had been sold, but they had just been sold because they were still sitting there.  I ended up renting a pick up truck from U-Haul and plan to pick it up today.

Let me go get ready for work, the funding source for my new addiction.

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