Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I'm so excited

I tasked myself this week with visiting a thrift store everyday this week. I had fallen out of the daily habit after I bought my armchair because I was getting a bit out of control and I was supposed to be on a budget which was already in the red.

I would drop in now and then and find some fabulous stuff. Like Easter Sunday, I was looking for a lamp and found a beautiful vase for my dining table. Or when I stopped by the Goodwill on McRae and I-10 where everything is 50% off (except furniture) and I found this amazing wall clock that was huge and had river/ocean background, or when I found my gold mirror for my entry way at the Goodwill on George Dieter. I should do a picture heavy post soon.

Hmm, so much for my ban on thrifting. Actually, I think I had been going in once a week if I had time or was in the area.

So yeah, I went on Monday and I found a headboard with 2 nightstands for $99! I was so amazed! I thought about it for about 2 minutes and bought it right there and then. They had loads of other cool stuff, like this amazing sofa with beautiful feet and ugliest upholstery ever. But it was solid and just $70. If I had a place for it, I would have bought it tout de suite.

I am excited because I am going to be working on my "guest room" next. I found a beautiful white cabinet at Marshall's on Friday that I didn't pick up cos of my cheapness. It was $140 and I thought it was too much but the thing hasn't let me be. I keep thinking about it and have even decided to turn the guest room all white with splashes of color in honor of it. I haven't had a chance to make it to Marshall's to see if the cabinet is still there.
I hope it is. The bedset I bought isn't white, but it's good quality wood so I am going to paint it white and see. I am nervous! The style is not necessarily my style (midcentury, minimalist etc) but I like it a lot, plus the headboard is kinda what I was envisioning and searching for on overstock and co. I have put a budget of $400 on the whole remodel. So, this find brings me way below that plus I can afford the cabinet now. Yipee!

I have to really shout out Goodwill on Fairbanks and Rushing especially after my article on customer service. They were so awesome. They went above and beyond to help me take apart the headboard and load it in my car. Now, am not surprised because I have always had good service at Goodwill, no matter which one I go to, whether Eastside, Westside, Northeast, they have been superb.

Pictures to come maybe.

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