Thursday, May 03, 2012

Just thoughts in my head...

I wonder if doing a blog post can count as a morning page exercise. I didn't do my writing exercise yesterday and now I find myself reluctant to do one now. Instead, I've been perusing design blogs and whatnot.

My plants are coming up so nicely. Did I mention that I planted some plants the other day? It will be three weeks this coming Sunday. I have pictures!! Am so excited. My little herb garden is sorta fluorishing. I might move them from the guest room to the patio. But really, I think the best light is in the guest room. The patio is forever shady. You can see the sun from the patio but it doesn't really beat down on the plants. Hope the plants there ontinue to grow. I really should have labeled the pots, now I don't know what is what. I know what I planted: yellow squash, mesclun, spinach, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi these are all in the blue and green barrels. $1 from dollar tree. As far as the hanging pots, I planted flowers. That's all I can say about that. I only have one package left from the three I planted. Oh, it's coming back to me. Sweet Pea, Four O Clocks, and one other.

Herbs, 2 weeks prior. From left to right: thyme, rosemary/mint/, basil

Before they were plants...

Top row flowers, bottom vegetables...

The very first plant to germinate. Alas, am not sure what it is. 

Herbs, 2 weeks after.

Sunrise. Ignore the time, it's really 6:20am

Future Vegetables. Again, no idea what's what. I really should label.

This flower is vigorously growing. Keep it up. 

Oops, this post took longer than anticipated. Guess I will be running this evening after all.

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