Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Blues

Waaaaaah! How is it Monday morning already? Am not ready!!!!!!!
I feel so exhausted. Been up since shortly before 6am but I've been snoozing then procrastinating on twitter.
The one good think about this Monday is that at the end of it this week, am not working! I finally get a full two day weekend. Yes. I worked six days last week and coupled with my jet lag, I've been seriously dragging.

I am happy though, I managed to finally clean my space. It has been a hot mess since I came back from Nigeria. Clothes everywhere, spoiling food, unmade bed for days, ring in the tub. I hate living in a mess and seeing that mess on a daily basis did something to me. In fact, I even skipped a morning workout session to put things to right. Now am back in balance again, fridge cleaned, floors mopped, no more ring! Even my closet got organised.

I had planned to hang up my curtains this weekend, I just needed to buy some curtain rods. I went to Ross and actually found one that I liked, it was on clearance but I wasn't too sure because I saw some cracks at the base where the ball connected to the rod. Anyway, I picked up the two, decided I needed a cart, put them back down, got a cart. Wandered for several minutes through the housegoods section while bbing with my friend, by the time I finally made it there, they had vanished. Waaaaah! All of a sudden, I really wanted my rods then even though they were imperfect and I needed three of them and there were only two. Just because someone else wanted them, they became more desirable. There is a life lesson there for me, I'm pretty sure.

Monday! Argh!!!!
Complete notes before end of the day, I do not care if the waiting room is SRO, my notes must be done after every patient ok maybe every 3 patients.

Eat well and properly-- will i calorie count???? Salads at night and all carbs during the daytime. According to my trainer, this will help me get rid of my huge belly. Am paying him my hard earned money so I had better follow his instructions.

Need to finish cooking for the week. I wanted to make a stir fry and a base for my salads (lettuce, spinach, carrots and red cabbage) but got tired. I already made a chili and chicken tangine. Both recipes were from Fitness Mag. Actually, I made it the chili chicken instead. Which reminds me, need to reup on my chicken breast supply.

Workout six days this week. Am making up my training sessions that I missed in January. He is kind esp since he came to my house twice and I wasn't there. oops

Hang up my curtains. I must find those rods, my bedroom curtains make a big difference in keeping the draft out. My living room is so cold, my hands freeze sometimes. No, I will not be turning on the heat. Yes, am just punishing myself. LOL.

Lastly, make my bed daily and have a clean sink nightly.

Off to the gym. Sigh.

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Unknown said...

Hillarious!! You should be paying me. I could get you in shape1