Friday, January 13, 2012

It is what it is.

For all my talk about writing more consistently, I have been a definite slacker. Anyway. Happy belated new year and all that. Been trying to get on top of my financials as my goal for the new year. I have made a spreadsheet, did auto pay and resigned myself to paycheck to paycheck living again for the next seven months. I owe about 17K dollars. Yikes. Never been in that kinda hole before but that's what happens when one is out of work for three months I guess, and had to apply for a state license in Texas. I guess God really turns everything that happens to us for our good. Living paycheck to paycheck had been my norm in Mia throughout residency. I didn't, couldn't afford regular mani pedis waxing happy hours etc. so I didn't miss those. Eating as cheaply and as well as I could was my first priority so I survived.

The bulk of my debt was due to rent and the Texas license as well as moving, though that was paid. Plus I needed new tires, and a laptop and maybe I got persuaded to buy an apple tv which came free with an iPad maybe. Lol. maybe. So I am doing the Learn Vest Take Control boot camp and according to them my priorities are all wrong. My budget for rent/transport is about 25% while my debt is about 55%. Did I mention I entered repayment on a few of my loans. Scream! So yeah. But seven months God willing I will be done. In the meantime no designer duds for me yet. No MK bags or Redbottom shoes or YSL tributes.

 Second kick is losing my belly once and for all, although yesterday was not my finest hour. I am most definitely an emotional eater. So am supposed to be in Nigeria as we speak but due to the fuel subsidy strikes, my flight got pushed back and then cancelled. But u know am a stubborn so nd so. Am trying to get into That country anyhow I can so am t the airport waiting. I cried cos I am going to miss the funereal for sure unless by some miracle they postpone it which I doubt is gong to happen. Oh well. At least I will have Lagos in all its striking glory. Sigh.

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