Sunday, January 22, 2012

El Paso to Lagos and back in 5 days

Went to Nigeria for my grandmother's burial. Missed the burial because of the strikes. Continental was too punkish to fly into Nigeria and kept cancelling my flights (one ground agent said they had received threats major eye roll) but I was very determined to get to Nigeria and I went. I went through Lufthansa which has an alliance with United, whatever it worked to my advantage. It was worth it. I got to see my sisters, see my mother and father hang out with my cousin and her now grown children, see my favorite uncle and aunt. There is nothing like family!

It went by so fast. I landed on Saturday evening. 

Slept away Sunday cos I was just tired. But woke up when my sisters came back into town. 

Monday, they called off the strikes. Terms were still not favorable, but I was proud that people stood up and protested. I was ready to go marching too with my cousin's husband but then he received a call or bb that the strike had been called off. 

Tuesday, went to Tejuosho Market. Got some really nice canvas prints and Hausa ottomans which I can't wait to set up. I have a blue print which is going to my room, rather large. And two smaller ones, probably the living room. Went clubbing in the evening. Didn't come home until 3am. Had a blast! The streets of Lagos were so quiet. Third Mainland Bridge was empty! 

Wednesday went to go see our new house and stay with my mother. 

Thursday, went back to Tejuosho. Man, first we got lost big time, then we got harassed by a thousand and one hawkers. Like chased down, hand pulling, pushed here, pushed there, insulted, hurled insults harassed. Hated it. Had to call my cousin real quick to find out where exactly we had gone the last time, cos that market is big and scattered about due to the fire and all. Anyway, turned out it was next to NTA Channel 10.  We made our way over there, harassed like mad. This time I told the hawkers I was going to NTA, of course, they being nosy asked what I wanted to buy around there. I told them I was going for an interview and to leave me alone. (Me too, why was i answering them abi?) Anyway, my sister has an amazing memory as in photographic, saw one of the traders from the last time we went and he directed us to the art sellers. 

I bought some more stuff, some really cute giraffes that I intend to use as book ends, shoulda bought more! Then I bought some carvings for the SO. Funniest thing, so as we were leaving after completing our purchases, I heard a woman say excuse me can I talk to you? I completely ignored her but she was very persistent. Finally, we heard her out and she said that she was a reporter for NTA channel 10 and wanted to interview all of us. Say what? My sister was like, do i get paid and where is your camera man? So hilarious. But long story short, I did end up getting interviewed by NTA 10, power of the tongue. 

Went to say bye to my cousin's daughter and pick up my chinchin and then battled traffic to go home and from home go to the airport and return to El Paso. 

Damn, that was short! But I loved every minute. Can't wait to do it again, this time three weeks to a month. 

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