Friday, January 27, 2012

Obsessed part 2

So like I said, I have this to me, massive debt that has been occupying my brain matter. Everyday I come up with a new scheme to get out of debt quicker but unfortunately, unless I start making even more money there is no way I am going to get out of debt any faster than the time my spreadsheet calculated. Sigh.

The sad part about being in debt is that I feel so discontent. I see so many things I want to buy for my apartment and because right now, thanks to my student loans, I am totally operating in the negative, I can't. So that makes me so unhappy and ungrateful for the blessing that I have, namely a job!

Anyway, I will keep trucking on until July. This too will pass.

And then am going buck wild!!!

In the meantime, I am really tempted to just pay off one of lower balances but highest interest rate. When I saw that interest fee, I screamed out loud, I was that upset! I am so tempted, so tempted, so tempted but I will essentially be robbing peter to pay paul, but that interest rate high!.

ING was giving away free money the other day. I was kinda looking for a card like that anyway, cos i wanted to put all my budgeted items: gas/food on that card so I won't be tempted to go overboard or overspend. Basically, you open the card by a certain date which has since passed, deposit some cash obviously, use the card five times and voila 100$+. So I got my bonus but I can't find the dang card. Anywhere.  And it's not stolen cos my money is still there.

very crooked curtains.
I was planning to use that money to finish putting up the curtains in the apartment. The apartment is poorly insulated + it's cold outside and El Paso electric thieves that they are, charge a winter fee on top of whatever fee they are charging so in short my light bill is 4x the budgeted amount. I invested in some thermal curtains to block out the draft coming from my windows. (Brand new apartment with drafty windows. For shame.). I hung the ones in the bedroom, which have been going a good job with the draft when i close them properly. But they are super crooked. hehe.  Meanwhile, the living room is super cold. But I need curtain rods, a level and a power screw driver so I can hang the rest of them. Oh and a taller ladder.

Speaking of that bill, I barely used the heat and yet my bill was still the same as my previous bill. If the next month bill (wherein I never used the heat) is the same, then they would have earned their name as thieves for sure.

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