Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 already!

I can't believe my last post was in November.

Despite my good intentions, December was a wasteland in terms of my writing and life goals. I moved to my new apartment, came down with the flu or rather an influenza like illness, and have just been so blah. The cold weather is not helping either. I really cannot stand the cold, it tends to sap my energy.

As always, I have a few goals for the new year. I already feel all kinds of stressed because it is already Janaury 4th and I haven't made any moves. I did do one half hearted workout the other day but it was bitter cold. I could actually feel the cold going through my hoodie, my t-shirt, my skin, my bones and grabbing my heart and lungs and squeezing them to death.  I scurried back home and vowed to buy some winter gear. Total mileage 1.6 miles. Yeah pitiful.

My goals this year are simple:

1. Get with God and just delight myself in Him. Ps 37:5. I want to be serious about my walk with God this year. I promised myself last month that I was going to attend three bible studies at three different churches. I have always liked bible studies more than actual church services because you get to discuss and you get to know people better. I already attend the one at my church - RCCG Living Word on Montana, Tuesdays at 7pm. It's very intimate and fun.

I went to a young adult fellowship at Destiny Family Christian Center in early December, I liked it so I decided to add their bible study to my rota: it's not as intimate, but I like it a lot. I am also excited about the Young adult Fellowship which takes place two Fridays a month.

 Lastly, the mother of one of my patients has been inviting me to her church. She has such a sweet spirit and I saw that their bible study was on Thursday so I was like yeah! I finally went yesterday, in the snow and all and it was an awesome experience. It's a Spanish speaking church but the pastor preached in Spanish and English. I realized that I could understand most but not all of the spanish, (i only know the present tense lol). Nevertheless, I am going back to that as well.

2. Last year, I was deep in debt and obsessed with getting out of it as quickly as possible. This year, I am determined to start saving with that same obsession.

3. My hair, my poor neglected hair! The great thing is that shea butter is my friend. It has greatly simplified my routine big time, added bonus, it stretches my hair like nothing. But I digress. I need to stop being a slacker about washing the poor thing, and moisturizing and protecting my ends. I am so tempted to get a weave but then that would be incompatible with goal 4.

4. Lose my last twenty pounds. December was a very bad month. Very bad! I ate out almost every day, and I ate just once a day. It was bad! Bad! Did I mention that it was bad? Anyway, I am trying to be better. I made spaghetti squash the other day. It was good! Almost like the real thing. I think it was because my sauce was divine. It was simple really. Roast the spaghetti squash in the oven for about an hour. Scoop it out, and watch it miraculously become spaghetti strands. The sauce I made consisted of half a purple onion, two cloves of garlic, two roma tomatoes chopped and sauteed in a skillet with a bit of olive oil and seasoned with basil, black pepper and a dash of salt. Lovely.

5. Lastly, overhaul my wardrobe, except I don't want to spend a single dollar! But I need to really let my beauty shine. I promised myself that on my birthday and it's time to keep that promise. Watch out world.

6. Oops. See I am already leaving it off the list. Write more, write more, write more. I joined a 1000 word challenge #DailyK put on by author Christopher Courtley. In fact, it is why I finally decided to get my act together and write a blog post today. I also need to edit my novel. I read it last night and I was like this sucks! This really just sucks! I want to scrap it but I will commit to editing it and making it less sucky this year. I need to do research for this novel so I must find a way to visit Nigeria this year for more than  5 days. God make a way for oh and God please send the sun, thank you kindly.

So please to my one faithful reader, I urge you to poke and prod me when you see me going off the tracks.  Thank you very much in advance.

Happy 2013!


Mere Mortal said...

Wow, you did better than I did! I couldn't organize my life to get Nano started, much less done. We were down with colds, and I had to work with getting my preschooler into preschool and troubleshooting issues. Life was... well, Life. If you need a /cheer or an encouragement in the realm of writing, let me know how I can help. I should start writing more too.. too bad I am on day 4 of this bad cold. =(

Sus OB said...

That is a good piece, I like it! The grace of God is with you and will help you to fulfill your resolutions and shine the glory and splendor of God upon you and upon all that you do, in Jesus Name!

Ride on girl and more kudos to you!!!

Oluyemisi Olotu said...

Thanks for the comments! Mere Mortal, hope you are feeling better. You inspired me to do NaNoWriMo so thanks for that. Hopefully once you feel better, you can start writing too. I know it's hard though with a family and work and etc.

Hi Sus OB, thanks for the compliments and the prayer. Amen. I am also loving your site as well.