Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Run with you

I have been trying to keep to my goals for the new year.

As far as exercising and looking better and loving my hair by taking better care of it, i am good. As far as writing and blogging and non emotional eating, am not. I keep making excuses and finding reasons not to get on the ball. I need deliverance.

This week I started a couch to 5K training program. I did my second little jog yesterday despite the bitter cold. I bundled up like I was going to be in subzero weather. I had on three sweatshirts, two tshirts, my hat, my hoodie, two pair of sweatpants, two socks, gloves. lol. i hate cold! and it is cold up in these mountains.

But it's beautiful to exercise up here, and it's challenging to go up and down the little hills so I am not complaining. I love going uphill, and I love coming downhill as the sun is rising over the city. So pretty. Keep trying to capture it but it is hard to snap a pix when you are trying to walk/jog as fast as you possibly can.

Of course I made a playlist to get me through the pain, a mix of gospel and secular music. It's a work in progress because I find myself sometimes skipping through the tracks in the midst of the workout (this is how i break my devices...just saying).

My current motivational song is La Negra Tiene Tumbao by Celia Cruz. When I hear that song, I get new wind especially if I am going uphill.

Then there is Lara George's song which is also the title of this post:

Brighter day by Kirk Franklin always has me forgetting that I am Yemisi writer, and has me acting like a choir director complete with hand gestures, I even throw in a dance here and there. I love this song, even after 11+ years.

Lastly, there is Pretty Girl Swag by Ciara. It reminds me of why I am out here in the bitter cold in the first place.

Hmm, all these songs are very old. Need an update!

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Sus OB said...

Very funny Missy!!! Keep it going...