Saturday, June 23, 2012

At last

I finished the dresser.
Remember this:
Goodwill dresser, $29.00
Well, after many suns, I finally finished it.
Way after!
I will do a proper post soon with maybe better pictures, my camera has been acting up lately. Plus, I still have to style the top. Sigh. No ideas yet on that. Also, I see that my drawers are uneven, they were even when I bought them so back to the drawing board on that.

Cost breakdown: 
Dresser $29 marked down from $59 -Goodwill
Uhaul: $29 (worst mistake ever! never again! more on that later)
Pulls: EBay: 29.55 (yes, the pulls cost more than the dresser, lol. Crazy huh?)
Paint + Primer (which I used on the bed, nightstand and a chair, and still have 1/2 left) about $20. 

I will give this dresser this, it's made of solid wood. I put together my dining room table from Target and I love target but men the difference between particleboard and wood was clear like 7-up. 

That was fun. And I am done for now. I did see this really cute couch at Goodwill the other day for a mere $99...

Just kidding! 
Really, i am. I need to put all this creative energy into words on paper or screen or something. 

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