Monday, June 04, 2012

As History Repeats Itself

Some Plans:Thwarted

A marriage: never even celebrated
Some children : left with no one to train them
Some husbands : now embraceless
Some wives : left with no one to cherish them

My Lord, how could this be?
What happened?
What could have went wrong?

Some odabos : never turned to e ka abo
Some fights : no chance to be resolved
Long hoped for accomplishment : never to be enjoyed

I cannot imagine how it must have been
did they cry? did they scream?
call out their God's name?

A planned rest : now permanent
Please pray it's peaceful
So many plans : O Lord!

We need Your comfort
Please heal us and dry our tears
Replace all we lost with You

112 beginnings : brought to too quick an end
aobeo 10/29/05

I wrote that in 2005 for the Bellview air crash victims. Then we had another one, and now the doomed Dana Air flight on Sunday, the worst yet.  When shall we demand accountability from all the airline owners? When shall a human life be valued in Nigeria, and not sacrificed for a bribe there, a wink here as established regulations are willfully ignored? 

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