Monday, June 26, 2006

He did it again...

On Saturday, I was invited to go to church with a new friend. The funny thing was, all last year I had been praying to be invited to this particular church. It was the church of my ex. We broke up on bad terms and i wanted, needed him to still be my friend but he was not even trying to talk to me. I accepted the invitation, all the while thinking to myself, girl, where were you when i needed you last year.

I woke up Sunday morning in a panic. I could not go to that church, what was i thinking? Although, my ex was no longer in this state (i think) and more than likely would not be there, i was afraid to go. I called my other new friend up to cancel and she was so gracious that I changed my mind again.

Anyway sha, I was glad I went because i came to the realization that I am spiritually starved. Why? The sermon was so delicious to me and hit all the right spots. However, I know that if i had been going to church on a regular basis, I would have been like what kind of sermon is this? where is he going and what point is he trying to make? and when is he planning to make it? nah, it wasn't that bad.

incidentally, in my jotter, an old one i hadn't used since last year, my prayer request was reconciliation with my ex. My first reaction was well, too late for that now. But I quickly reminded myself that God is always on time. Always.

About the title:
For third year, we are required to have PDAs. Even though I am from ondo state, I think i was switched at birth because i have ijebu tendencies (is this a racist comment? or ethnicist? is that a word... i am digressing.).

I found this random website that had my palm for $249.99, no tax. $13 for 3 year warranty. cheap ass shipping. I wanted to jump on that but then i couldn't. I felt it was too good to be true. The PDA was brand new. As for the warranty, I could not find any details about it. I tried to read the customer feedback but those seemed so spurious. one guy was talking about how this was his first internet shopping experience. Does anyone like that even exist in 2006? I still remember my first internet shopping experience. It was from Amazon, back when Jeff was still operating out of his garage. I got the Sankofa soundtrack for my friend (the one i mentioned in the last post. he had been searching for it since forever and it was a great surprise) and The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born by Ayi Kwei Armah for myself. They came in a USPS priority mail envelope. Knowing my packrat tendencies, I am sure I still have that envelope. That was in 1996 or 1997, the year is fuzzy.

Anyway, I could not bring myself to buy from the site. This morning, I woke up and checked my yahoo e-mail. I have so much junk in that account. Right now, I am at 450+ unread messages. All junk! okay, ok, 90% junk! Usually, I ignore them and read what i need but today i decided to open the email from coupon cabin in the hopes that I could find a coupon to help me with my PDA. And sure enough, there it was. 10% off any order over $199 from Circuit City. Is that hot or what? So I ended up buying my palm for $242 and I get it in my hands today. Still gotta pay tax though but it's still all good.

As usual, He was right on time. Still wooing me the way I like to be wooed. I am not into flashy big things. It's the little things. I had this boyfriend once. I always cherished it when he bought me one dollar incense from the mallam at the mass ave station (yes, i know there are no mallams in boston but i don't know what they call themselves jare, they look like mallams) but when he bought me a watch, i could barely bring myself to wear it and just threw it anywhere. he would have to beg me all the time.

i am too simple for my own good.

today: ikea or bust.

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