Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ó le Kú...

This time the movie, not the song or the outfits.

I have loved this movie since I first watched it more than a decade ago. I watched it again this past Thursday when Tunde Kelani released Ó Le Kú part 2 on YouTube as a Valentine's day gift to his fans.

I think I have watched this movie at least three times, and each time i have been captivated by Ajani's and Asake's love story.  I love the detail and authenticity of the movie set. Lastly, the Yoruba language  and culture is showcased in all its glory. It's an awesome movie from an awesome director. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch it, please do.

This last viewing though, I found myself paying closer attention to the supporting characters,  in particular, Asake's father. For example, Asake's father was vehemently against her marriage to Ajani until she completed her university education, and he did everything that he could to prevent their union from happening.

At first viewings, I thought "this old man is just mean. After all, she can go to school and be married."

But then he said something that blew me away: "My entire hope is in Asake." He wanted her to have his family name on her diploma not that of her husband's. He wanted her to bring that honor of being a graduate to his family.  That was an amazing thing for that time period - early 70s, especially in a world where boy children are infinitely preferred over girl children, and some even consider educating a girl child to be a waste of money. After all, she is only going to go to her husband's house anyway, so why bother. Even in this century, some parts of the world have even gone as far as banning the education of girls.

I felt sorry for her poor father, powerfully portrayed by Chief Lere Paimo. He loved his daughter and wanted HIS best for her but his way of expressing his love was just so harsh. Love without communication.

Some things have not changed though, namely the men and their playeristic ways, and Ajani's friends made me quite upset. But I won't say anymore, watch it for yourself, and if you are so inclined, let's discuss it a bit.

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